Psychometric Recruit Test Preparation and Review

The only mechanical question I struggled with was asking me the correct way a plug is wired - as in, which colour wire went in each bit. (Not to say I didn't get other bits wrong, I just don't feel like I got them wrong)

This diagram is fairly similar:


Let us know how your RT goes!
Passed it!

Just some further input for those who will be taking their RT in the future - practice against the clock. Please, please don't go in assuming you're quick. Those minutes will disappear quicker than you imagine! You would be best going to the RT with a watch on to glance at, at least one time. Use the practice booklet you will have been sent - yes it's much easier than the actual thing... but it's giving you an example of the questions asked.

Make sure you turn up early. It was scheduled for 9:30, and we had been emailed asking that we turn up at 9:00am to make sure we had more than enough time to get all of the paperwork completed & handed over. Two guys turned up at 9:15, two turned up at 9:30. All four were quizzed as to why they were so late, as the rest of us had arrived by 8:55am. They started off on the wrong foot with the officers - particularly the RM officer, since two were trying for the Royal Marines Commandoes. A few of the guys & 1 girl were dressed in jeans and hoodies - I'm not entirely sure why you would attend your RT in such casual clothing, as I believe you're being judged every second that you're in there. I personally attended in a shirt and smart trousers. You want to make a lasting & positive impression.

The actual test:
1. Reasoning (9 minutes)
2. Literacy (9 minutes)
3. Numeracy (16 minutes)
4. Mechanical comprehension (10 minutes)

It's difficult to explain how to prepare for the reasoning/literacy questions really. The reasoning will have things such as shapes being rotated certain amounts of times, and you have to pick what it would now be. Also includes picking the correct word for things like 'If boat is to sea, plane is to ?'. It's pretty standard stuff. I found the reasoning and literacy questions to be extremely easy & finished early - though that may be a personal thing. However those around me all finished early also.

The numeracy questions were standard GCSE level for this particular paper. Fractions, percentages, algebra, division including decimals, sequences, area & perimeter. Swot up on these things, as well as standard BODMAS/BIDMAS, and you'll be good to go. But definitely practice against the clock for the maths. Otherwise you'll get carried away with your working out for certain questions and your 16 minutes will be up before you know it. Use GCSE Bitesize for this section - it's pretty detailed.

Mechanical comprehension.. probably the most difficult part, yet somehow I managed to score highly on it after not fully understanding a lot of it the night before the test. Again, use GCSE Bitesize for this section, as well as the links previously provided by the OP. They all helped immensely, and most likely the reason why I passed this part in particular - Mechanical Comprehension Flashcards & Mechanical Comprehension Tests. It involved questions about gears, levers, fulcrum, velocity etc. This entire thread has emphasised how difficult this part can be, and they're not wrong. It's the last part, so be completely prepared.

Afterwards, you're separated and given your results. There was only two of us looking to be officers, myself going for TMO & a lovely guy going for Royal Marines Officer. I was taken into the office of my Lt and told I scored highly. You're given a pack with all of the details in for the next steps e.g. your eye test, your medical forms. Get your eye test booked as quick as possible, I've already got mine booked for tomorrow.

Tip? Grab some of the huge Navy News magazines that they should have. It'll help with your knowledge on current affairs, where we are currently etc.

Good luck!
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Congratulations!!! Thanks for the advice. I have been through it before but didn't pass enough to be an officer but did pass enough to be rating
Hello there

I’m looking to join the Royal Marines
I have got my application form filled out but not sent it off this is due to feeling I am ill prepared for the nsrt and fitness
I try my hardest to brush my maths up but no such luck with the methods I’m using do you reckon I should go back to basic maths and work upwards again to get the skills ? Any help Tips would be appreciated


War Hero
Hello there

I’m looking to join the Royal Marines
I have got my application form filled out but not sent it off this is due to feeling I am ill prepared for the nsrt and fitness
I try my hardest to brush my maths up but no such luck with the methods I’m using do you reckon I should go back to basic maths and work upwards again to get the skills ? Any help Tips would be appreciated
Have a look-see here:
Passed my RT on Thursday and have been invited for my interview, RT was pretty straightforward (as per last time I sat it in 2009) just got to make sure you prepare prepare prepare! Good luck guys
Hi guys,
I'm applying to become a warfare officer and I've got my RT next week. I'm wondering if I should take my eyebrow piercing out when I attend the RT? I am well aware that if I am successful in my application to join, I will have to remove it and have no problem with this, but as my piercing still hasn't fully healed, I am a bit reluctant to be taking it in and out/risking infection if I don't have to remove it.
@u29em13 You don't have to, though you will have a brief informal sit down with an officer after you sit the test and this officer will possibly be the person who will later deliver your SIFT interview. So if you're really worried about first impressions then take it out, if you're more worried about infection then leave it in and expect some comments on it by AFCO staff.

Currently in the process of rejoining and just passed my RT for the RN. I was made to retake my exam due to changing branch (WS to WE) and now waiting on approval which could take up to 6 weeks.

I’ll pretty much echo what everyone else has said about the exam; don’t go into it unprepared! It’s harder than you would think so make it as easy as you can by revising and practicing.

The hardest part for me was resoning as it went from the usual word reasoning into Maths sequences, so ran out of time and had to guess the last 7 or so questions. It’s all simple but because of time restraints it makes it difficult.

Literacy I found easy but only because I’m reasonably good at it. I found it was a lot of fill in the blanks, odd words out and what’s the meaning of this word. It’s a hard subject to revise but I found a synonyms and word to word app helpful.

Maths is basic but a lot of workings out; cover basic subjects such as addition, subtraction, fractions, percentages, BODMAS and algebra (roughly 4 questions I guessed at). I used bbc bite size and YouTube to help me with my maths.

Mechancial comprehension is another if your’re good at naturally you’ll be alright as long as you practice before hand. It’s hard to find practice papers with the exception of the one on this thread.

I found the aptitude test app useful, it covers all bases and really helps you get used to these sorts of exams.

I made sure I revised every night for at least an hour and had a few basic maths apps to use whilst on car journeys or had a spare 5 minutes.

Just go in as prepared as possible and you should be fine, but if you don’t be prepared to fail.

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