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Hey guys!
Just thought I'd add to this...
What I would say is the same as LethaLity, work quick! If I didn't obviously know the answer to a question I'd come back to it at the end and make sure I had time to complete the other questions. There's no point getting stuck on a question for a big part of your time for just one mark. I applied for MA Submarinar and passed.

I would say you need to revise and also just get used to the general style of the questions otherwise you will be confused!
Hello everyone :) Does anyone know if there's any data interpretation and speed, distance and time questions in the numeracy section? Thanks


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Hello everyone :) Does anyone know if there's any data interpretation and speed, distance and time questions in the numeracy section? Thanks
The initial recruit test doesn't have s/d/t questions that I recall. Areas, Volumes, basic algebra, long division, multiplication, fractions, trigonometry, decimals, geometry, number sequences, percentages, averages it's fairly basic.
Thanks a lot Ninja! This is my second attempt and I don't want to apply until I cover all the areas. I'm confident in all them, apart from trigonometry, geometry and averages so I'll need to look them up!

This is what one of Richard McMunns books say the maths involves:

Percentage, Decimals and Fractions
Area and perimeter
Significant figures

Although, it's confusing because in one of his other books the Royal navy section has a huge section of data interpretation In it, which I didn't find basic :S

Thanks for telling me! I've been trying to find someone who knows more about it, like a recruiter, or someone recently sat the test :)


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I'm not a fan of Mr McMunn because he charges people for stuff that is freely available in the public domain.

Then again, that's business, I guess. To be fair I had another look at his psychometric test booklet this last week and would concede it is a reasonably useful resource. Then there is the god-awful video on Youtube about interviews. The video is longer than the actual interview.

On the flip side there are free online psychometric tests which encourage rapid answers - all that is needed is a spot of Google-Fu. I've genuinely seen applicants more than double their scores using both these resources - within just a few months, so it definitely works if you apply yourself adequately.
I've got individual books of his for all the areas of the RT, cost me a fair bit, not bothered at all because I want to prepare 100%. Which is made me able to learn good techniques and practice against the clock! I think I've got the book you're on about, as I have both his psychometric test books! They're good, the new addition Is better because it's got explanations along with the answers!

I'm not sure what you mean by Google-fu? And do you mean the free online access to psychometric tests Richard McMunn provides when you purchase one of his books? As I don't think that works!

Hey :) sorry to be a pain! I have my psychometric test next week & wondering if there are questions like this in the test 3(t + 35)

Looks a bit different here but hopefully someone knows. Don't how to get about these, considering getting tutoring to help go over them, as I can't find how to solve them on Internet. Also, if anyone knows what these questions are called that would be great! I thought they'd come under algebra formulas or something.



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Sat my test today with 6 others. The maths paper was a real stinker. Brought the McNunn books and was pretty confident going in. Three papers were ok looking at good marks (RFA so don't know results) but the maths were so much harder than the book. The basics are the same just much more difficult questions. Gutted as was confident going in! Never mind may have done better than I thought, I'll let you know when I get results. Got to say the lighting is poor and the pencil on green answer book paper is not very legible. Not sure if that's part of the test but it did slow things down a bit.


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Got to say the lighting is poor and the pencil on green answer book paper is not very legible. Not sure if that's part of the test but it did slow things down a bit.
Sounds grim.

Did they make you wear a Sou'Wester, hurl buckets of tepid water at you and hit you with a soggy lettuce leaf during the maths section?

If not - complain! :)


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It wasn't that bad! I'm just getting my excuses ready! It was funny when the Royal at the front asked if anyone had taken the tests before and I said yes. He asked how long ago and I said 1983!!!!!! (looking to join the RFA at 49!! I was RN from '83-'90)
If anyone else is still to sit theirs buy a copy of psychometric tests for dummies, I found it a great help as the last test I sat was for RAF in 1987 also my Maths and other subjects were pretty shit at school so if I can do it anyone can:D


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Got my letter this morning. Passed for RFA have to go through another sift and await interview. Could be a few months. Was hoping they'd say it was a good enough pass to offer me an AIB, but no mention of that. Oh well it's a start.
Rejoining the Andrew after leaving in 1990 after 7 years! What a way to spend my retirement!
Hey guys passed the RT today and it was actually not bad at all for me. Didnt score for my first choice as an SA. Done well conserdering last time I never qualified for one job. The studyings paid off, got 19/30 in the maths which is alright, I didn't do as well on the mechanical comprehension and the verbal ability but hey ho!

list of jobs to choose from are: Marines, Naval Airman aircraft handler, seaman specialist, warfare specialist, steward, chef. Thinking of going for chef. I've seen people write on here "don't go warfare" as it's hardly transferable. Anyone any advice would be great! Thanks for all the tips on this thread which has helped me through the first stage!
If you wanted to be a Jack Dusty, then going chef is going to be a bit of a shock to the system!
It's hard work and at times a thankless task. However, if you're willing to work hard and accept that you can't please everyone (anyone!), it's a great career with qualifications that will stand you in good stead when you leave. Prepare to spend a considerable amount of your time on board a warship.
I hope you pick the right branch for you and I wish you the very best of luck.


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A chef is quite a technical rating in the modern RN. They are sometimes described as "Fitters and Turners" ............
They fit all that lovely food into a bowl and turn it into s**t. ;)

It's only Bants.........

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