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You need one of these.

"I click dead people."
The rodent in question is brand new (well a couple of weeks old!) has a wire not a battery, is a mini model chosen specifically for use with my lappie and as I said before has a light not a rollie thing.

So far I'm most taken with BY's Ouija Board theory -

As I recall, sometimes with mice on a windows machine it sometimes has snags with usb devices.
Go into device manager
Click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.
On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. Double-click the type of device you want to change.

Delete anything in the mouse section
This might help (going from memory, might not be 100% right)

I saw this a couple of times with my laptop mouse (also wire/optical).

I think it depends what sort of surface the mouse is on - if you are using a smooth, clear surface with no patterns, it should be OK.

However, if you are using a magazine , newspaper etc then the change in patterns or textures on the surface may be too much for the light beam which then causes the cursor to jump on the screen.

I now use a plain surface to rest the mouse on, and all seems well.

Hope this helps.

Then again, I may be talking total bollocks.
Lingyai said:
The letters PC say it all.

So true! And the PC thing in this case, does say it all! :roll:

In fact I'd say the same about the Mac's optical mouse which I use with both my iMac and iBook, which also has a tail. You can use the Mac white mouse on almost any surface with impunity. My PC mouse at work is another matter entirely! Everything has to be just right for him or he refuses to work properly.


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