PSP advice please

I've just invested in a PSP as I'm deploying somewhere hot & sandy in September for 7 months.

I'm really just seeking advice/tips for it. How much memory stick will I realistically need? (not interested in putting movies/music on it as I have a portable DVD player/IPOD) Are any 'add ons' worth getting?

I've also read that its possible to download games onto a memory stick to use too, I understand its not totally above board but how is this acheived please?

Any tips/advice would be greatfully appreciated.

Many thanks

not being funny mate but i would bring the games with you as well incase the memory stick f**ks up at least you have the games still to play. but thats just my advice as seven months is a long time :wav:


Lantern Swinger
Can highly recommend the 'games cards' that are currently available on ebay/amazon and the like. An ex-stoker who works with my wife suggested we get one and it's superb. Download all your games from the net and off you go to sea. A card will take 200 plus games if you buy the right one. Enjoy!


Lantern Swinger

You can downgrade the firmware for most PSP's to a lower version taht has been hacked to allow you to run games off the memory card which is cool because it takes up less space, is less likely to be damaged and load faster than off the UMD's.

As far as I know there is a max of 4gb, so get a couple of them and load up the sticks and your sorted ;)

Good luck on your tour too :)

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