Prrrr! Don't be getting rock ons!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by snapdragon, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. I think I'm going to be sick.
  2. Snappers, That is absolutely gut wrenching - blowing chunks over keyboard as we speak - and how do you know of the site anyway?
  3. I went on that feeder site i posted on the big Swansea bird thread, and it said something about SSBBW. Put it into google, turns out it means Super Size Big Beautiful Woman, which she obviously thinks she is because she was first on the Google results page!
  4. that is gross!!!!! never again will i moan about my size!!!!!!!
  5. Ohhh, watch the free video! I might wet myself!
  6. I think all of those wrens should be charged with bringing the navy into disrepute!!!!
  7. I'm sure two of those are wren writers onboard my ship :)
  8. We could always use them as fenders.
  9. Snaps, you owe me a new lappy as this one is covered in chunder :shock:

    I am now severely traumatised. :sad:
  10. Ah, but did you see the free video? And notice how her layers stick together? You could almost hear the rrrrriiiippp of sweaty skin.
  11. STOPIT!
  12. I have locked myself in the wardrobe and I'm not coming out
  13. I've got 'Surf Control access denied' .... :shock:

    Oh Bother! ... now I will never know what I missed :sad:
  14. Keep trying, Whitemouse, you won't regret it!
  15. sick.............. very sick!!!!!! photos where enough, never mind a video!!
    will pass on that ta
  16. That is digusting. I think I am going to destroy my laptop now it's that bad.
  17. RETCH....RETCH.... OMG !!! :smile: :smile: :cry:
  18. I haven't watched the video. I'm scared. :cry:
  19. Snaps you are obvioulsy extremly disturbed!

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