Provisional Joining date


Afternoon, I got a phone call on monday from the CPO at my careers office and told me I could join HMS Raliegh on July 13th.

I got the confirmation letter today and got the measurement form etc.

I am rather happy, I didnt think it would be so quick.

Just thouhgt I'd let everyone know...

JC :thumright:

ps, anyone else got the same provisional date?
Good news for you.....I wish I could get all my candidates in so quickly, it's always difficult to tell them they will have to just wait for an entry date.

Make the most of it




Hi, MoD cleared now, defo going in on 13th July, going in as WB(C) (formely CIS) so I thinks thats the reason I got in so quickly (must be short :) ), I'm really happy and feel lucky considering some people have to wait for wat must seem an eternity...

Has any one got any tips for me to help me stand out from the crowd in the first week, In a good way obviously. I want to be the best I can, but obviously offering the most of me to everyone else as a team.


JC :thumright:


Thanks for the advice cpt-obv,

When your at Raliegh I believe you have to do some writen litracy and numeracy tests, do you still have to do them even if you have C's in GCSE maths and english?


JC :thumright:
There is a literacy/numeracy test at raleigh called LANTERN (formerly NAMET), I personally didn't have to sit it. I'm unsure of the reason I didn't have to sit it, though it could be as you suggested that my GCSE results were already good enough.

From what I could gather from the other guys when i was there though, it was pretty noddy stuff and anyone who can get a C in both subjects at GCSE won't be significantly challenged by it.
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