Proving sea service to MCA


Has anyone had to prove sea service to the MCA lately?
I'm asking for advice as I'm currently applying for a NOE for an OOW Unlimited deck ticket and don't want to send it only to be told something is missing.
I've got an NWC and 14 months RN sea time (3 months IFT + 11 months SFT) and 8 months civvy sea time.
The prerequisite to apply is NWC + 12 months RN sea time + 3 months merchant navy acquaint, but other than my black book and a discharge certificate I haven't got a detailed record of my sea time.

Any advice would be appreciated,


P.S Please ignore stupid username, I made this account when I was 16.
Your black book is proof of your sea time. However, given that it seems like that you didn't get a RN NWC, I'm not sure you'd be able to count your RN time as QSS. I suggest you speak to the MCA for the very fine detail.
Hi Alfred_the_great, thanks for the reply.

I've got my black book and NWC, but was medically discharged shortly after completing IWOC so no RN seatime post NWC. I've since completed all the SCTW short course requirements for a deck officer, and have been working on super yachts on the back of having my yachtmaster ticket, but naturally I'm now looking to get a proper ticket. I've tried contacting the MCA but the people who've responded to my emails don't know the difference between an RN NWC and an MCA navigational watch rating certificate so I've somewhat given up asking them. I'm just trying to find someone else who has trodden a similar path.
Having looked at my black book, there is no place to record QSS for pre-OOW assignments. I know that the MCA is pretty sketchy about the use of IFT and SFT as qualifying time for STCW II/1 certification, so I'm not sure you can use it for that.

In all honesty, I think you're shit out of luck for using SFT as QSS; your best route is to use the fact you already have a STCW II/1 ticket, and going down there....
Ok, thanks for taking the time to respond, I thought that might be the case. I guess the only way I'll find out is for sure is to just go ahead and send it off and see what they make of it.

Thanks again.
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