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Proud Parents

On the other hand, when one hears the homophobes going on about it not being natural, not happening in natue and so on, interesting.
On the other hand, when one hears the homophobes going on about it not being natural, not happening in natue and so on, interesting.


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sgtpepperband said:
I didn't know Claire Sweeney was up the duff! 8O :lol:

Me first please :D :D 8)

Hell, yeah... :wink:

Maxi_77 said:
On the other hand, when one hears the homophobes going on about it not being natural, not happening in natue and so on, interesting.

The late Baroness Young, stalwart of the C of E and Patron of the Christian Institute (which she never mentioned as a conflict of interest during Lords Debates!) was once shown a video of two male elephants mounting. She refused to watch it... then continued to insist that it's unnatural. She also discussed the medical hazards of anal sex. Whilst I share her opinion that it's abnormal, well so is attending church and kneeling in worship. After all if humans were "designed" to worship a deity they would have been born with fatty, padded deposits on their knees to cushion and protect them. As this is not the case, to paraphrase Young's own reasoning viz the medical consequences of being gay, Christian worship must therefore be both unnatural, harmful and kill off its exponents by the age of 40. :roll: Utter tosh of course! I'm still alive, so it can't be true... oh but hold on, I can't see my reflection in the mirror... :wink:
sgtpepperband said:
I know; and with names like Carlos and Fernando what do they expect?! 8O

Wasn't there an Abba song with the line "Can I feel your bum Fernando" or was that my dad just being facetious :lol:
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