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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Slumberine, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. My lad is going down to Raleigh in January. A bit different to my joining day. I joined in August 1976 - a rather hot summer! He's going to freeze his nuts off on Dartmoor :)

    Gonna be a scab-lifter on boats! (That's submarines to all you general service, cushy job types!)

    Following in his old dad's footsteps he is. Well almost. I joined general service and got drafted. He's joining straight into subs - after a shit-load of training that is. I really don't think he really understands what he's in for. Let's see he's got:

    10 weeks basic training
    20 weeks medical training
    19 weeks ward training

    Plus another few weeks training for radiation monitoring. Plus however many weeks at the submarine school. Then he's got to do his "part three" training when he get's on board. Only then does he get his Dolphins and the extra cash.

    I reckon that's the best part of a year. Well - some things are best left unsaid. He's nervous enough as it is.
    Which is what prompted this post really. I wanted to say thanks to all of you for all the joining advice you have given. I've printed some of it out just to show him.

    By far the best advice I've seen is just "Try". Show 'em how keen you are. Don't answer back and don't whinge. Great tips for today's rather spoilt teenagers.

    So I'm having a great time buying his kit, looking into how things have changed. I see they're still going to Pier Cellars! How about Screasdon Fort? Still go there too? And Jupiter Point? I see no mention of that in the bumpf.

    Cheers, Mates.
  2. They still do the Fort and JP.
  3. Some things never change. <wistful sigh>


  4. Boats are submarines?

    Why didn't someone tell me that during my time?
  5. You didn't need to know you nosey ******.
    We thought you was far happier thinking it was a fair ground ride.
    Oh and I'll confess now,that long hard thing with the two round things at the bottom was not really candyfloss.
    Sorry it was that wreckers idea.
  6. In my time Submarines were known as targets as many Portland work ups proved.

    I joined up in St Vincent in January 68 which was bloody cold and ended up doing 14 years in the Air Arm - just to show how the world really kicks you in the arse I have a son that has joined up - however its the Australian navy and as a stoker - thats my standing with the Daedalus brethren really fucked up.
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wings, at least he's salvaged some family pride by having a real job.
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  8. Sounds like he has done the family a favour joining the RAN, a real service of gents.
    However why as a stoker is beyond me when he could have joined as a fighting man.
    And was your admitted involvement with the fleet air arm a confession with the hope of obtaining absolution from us?
    Take more than a couple of hail Mary's to put that ****** to bed.
    Maybe a few Bloody Mary's will do it.
    Oh and be warned, don't listen to that character Tiddlyoggy, he's a Walt.
    He's an ex sea cadet who thinks a run ashore is a half marathon, and that TOT time is playing with the kids.
    And for **** sake don't try and talk to him, he uses that northern dialect which is reminiscent of a Scotsman with an overdose of E numbers and the recipient of scrotum crush.
    Gordie I think they call it?
    I was an MA and I recon by now there should be a cure.^_^:tongue3:
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  9. Well he will not have to where a sea jersy, to rub his nipple raw and ich like a twat
  10. Real men can wear sea jersey's with no drips.
  11. That's only your angle, most of us at RR would mark him up as an upwardly-mobile social climber. :wink:
  12. Went the other way in my family to Wing's. I was one of God's chosen as an ME Submariner and my son joined as a Woo. he only did 6 years though as he was having trouble getting rid of the bed sores. And submarines being targets to petrol pigeon's, hehehehahahahehe, you only found them Wings, because they let you, how else could you justify your existance.
  13. I used to sleep in mine, I found it stopped me waking up with an erection
  14. Seaman's jersey's or WAFU's Sharkey?
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  15. That'll teach me to link the the reply, the jersey.
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  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not everyone shares your hobbies.
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    But I had lots of fights as a youngster!:pounce:
    Never heard of a Gorde accent, is it similar to a Geordie one? Not that I'm very familiar with that either, what with me having a plummy Lincolnshire accent!:confused:
  19. Lincolnshire?
    fuckin hell it gets worse, I ain't forgiven you ******* up there yet.
    I spent hours hiking around Sleaford looking for the twating castle, and did anyone let me in on their little secret?
    Did they ****. It's quite simple, they ain't fuckin got one.
    Unless you call three stones in a field a friggin castle. Fuckin one horse town, at least we got a castle and we was the old English capital.
    You ******* are just nasty to poor weary travellers in strange (emphasis on the strange) parts.
    And your sausage is rank.
    Bollocks I meant to say fuckin rank.:smile:

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