Proud Day....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stripey_G, May 15, 2008.

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  1. I'll second that. Makes you proud to be a fellow service person! (Or in my case ex-service) :thumright:
  2. BZ Royals - credit the the Corps.
  3. Yes, big BZ to the lad…

    But I thinks it's disgusting he only got £214,000 compensation but an RAF civvy typist who sprained her thumb got £484,000…
  4. BZ lads !
  5. What inspirational guys. I hope they continue to receive every bit of care and attention they deserve.
  6. Nice to see we still have the best service people in the world.
    Well done to all of them.
  7. A very proud moment.
    Respect and best wishes for the future.

  8. BIG BZ lads!
  9. Courageous lads that bring a tear to the eyes of a grown man and make our minor day-to-day problems insignificant.
  10. BZ Royal, good luck to these two brave young men, lets hope the MOD/ Government doesn't forget their sacrifices...oh they have already. :rambo:
    As an aside my Cousins eldest son is carrying on the Family tradition of being a Bootneck (Well I started it, so two of us makes it traditional surely?) and is in 40, so he would of picked up his gong at this parade too, Hoofin'. :thumright:
  11. The Pride of the British. BZ Royals.
  12. BZ Royals All.
  13. Bravo Zulu to them both -what an inspiration! They would be Royals tho wouldn't they!! Nobody does it better!!

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