Protests and Faslane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Oct 1, 2007.

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  2. I think it's all about him trying to raise his public profile.

    What would have happened if he'd been arrested? I thought the government was supposed to uphold the law?
  3. when i left yesterday afternoon they were starting to crawl out of the wood work.
    if they chain themselves to the gates they should free them by removing the limb atached. eventually they would have to stop lol.
    i understand they want the govenment to change there mind etc. but suerly by now they must realise its not working. and there just wasting public money
  4. If someone stands in the middle of a busy road, surely normally they would be sectioned and treated as suicidal. The same sort of reasoning to those who have to have pipes cut from their arms by the fire brigade.

    As this was an illegal demonstration, surely they should be sent the bill for their actions? Maybe the SNP will pick up the bill from Party funds? Normal Scots should pay the price in disruption due to these activists. If they want to make a statement then please do it legally, and with an aim of minimising disruption to normal people, people who have no links to the Navy, or Trident.

    Add to that the fact that this sort of action simply does not work, even when we had record protests in recent years against the War in Iraq and the Fox Hunting ban the Government still carried on business as usual.

    I'm all for freedom of speech, and freedom of protest, but protests need to be planned to minimise disruption and increase safety of those involved.
  5. nothings changed then, one climbed up a mast in 84 when i was on the fire station. I offered our hoses to wet the bloke to make him come down but it was refused - bastards
  6. My old school friends brother lives in one of the caravans as a protester. He did ok at school but it appears he decided at 18 that Faslane was to become his home, he must be about 37 years old he has never had a proper job and no one understood why he felt the need to protest.
    I reckon its a way of life and not so much about the cause, they claim benefits i believe.
  7. I wonder why would happen to the economy in that area if SSBNs weren't present....
  8. there isn nothing in the area there would be no economy. its no nicer than any other rural part of scotland s i cant see why it would be a great tourist place.
  9. The protests in the late60s/early 70s were much more fun - you could throw them in the loch if they got too stroppy. No fun around these days, too PC and ooman rights.
  10. remember spending many a friday morning going out to clean the graffitti off the road signs near the base, strangely the smelly were happy to use the base sickbay/fire fighting facilities when the need arose, You know what I mean bites from Pet Rats that had escaped!
  11. When are the MDPS / MDGS going to use the guns they are issued with and start some gene pool cleansing ???

    Failing that get a few HETs fully loaded to head down the road full speed and see how fast they wanna remain say in the road
  12. On the other hand, as of yesterday, the big fat pay packets that the police were getting will be cut now they're year of overtime is over. When I went to Garelochhead yesterday, the police were causing more of a blockage than the weirdos. By the way, most of the protesters seem to be from England.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  13. apparently they are superglueing themselves to the road....let em...then set the dogs on em.
  14. They don't get this sort of activity over at Holy Loch do they? is that place still there? :hockey:
  15. NO. Well the Loch is, obviously :thumright:
  16. [​IMG]


    Seriously though are the yanks still there?
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sshh! He's not allowed to tell you... 8O :wink:
  18. Oooh right best kept secret in ya... :thumright:
  19. They also dredge up the remains of a sailor who went
    missing sometime in the late 60s.


    A sad postscript is that Laurel Clark, who worked at the base between 1989 and 1992 went on to become one of the astronauts flying in the doomed Columbia shuttle which broke up on re-entry to earth’s atmosphere early in 2003.

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