Protest at returning soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rod-gearing, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Loose and lazy journalism though, it doesn't state whether this was one or one hundred protestors, I doubt it was many, probably 2 or 3 idiots.
  2. its still shocking to realise that so many people have lack of respect for anyone but them selves.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Their right to protest is protected by the work those troops have done...

    As I was once told by an Old Salt: "If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, then thank the Navy!"

  4. Judging by the footage I've seen they were a small group, mainly Asian, so no surprises there then.
  5. i got told thank a soldier.
    hmmm me thinks it needs updating to forces
  6. Agreed, we fight to defend their right to protest. What a wonderful, crazy mixed up world we live in. :lol:

  7. And this is the solution to the beared cvnts…
  8. In Devon recently there have been several funerals of royal marines and members of 1st. battalion The Rifles, who were killed in action in Afghanistan.
    I sincerely hope that their sacrifice was not to allow people such as these the freedom to abuse the hospiltality that this country affords them.
    If they feel so strongly about our foriegn policy, perhaps they should consider leaving us.
    Troops only do what the government decides, and whether we agree with their policy or not. we should support those who have the job of implementing it.
  9. No surprise at all. Luton has a large Muslim population.
    The July 7 bombers set out from there. As you say "Bearded cnuts"
  10. Not surpised.
  11. Its a shame tho coz if it was agroup of muslins returning home there wud be carnagein the streets we wouldnt be able to ,ove anywhere as they would all flock out and celebrate
  12. Let's not tar all muslims with the same brush, it's all too easy to act like the Americans here and quickly find ourselves in the "all muslims are evil" mindset.

    There's good and bad in all societys, most anti war and anti British forces protestors I have encountered have been white, indeed the guy who called me scum at a Texaco garage on the A1 when returning home from Herrick was white and middle-aged. That'll teach me to buy poor quality diesel.
  13. huni i am part america on my dads side . i Know we shudnt tar all with the same brush but its so easily done im not saying its a bad thing that they all wud be out celebrating the return i was trying to make a point that most people dnt even bother
  14. OK lets settle for 99% then.[/quote]

    Woo-wee sir, Never mind those Pesky Museyloms, it's the goldarn democrats and commies we gots to worry about yessirree.

  15. Woo-wee sir, Never mind those Pesky Museyloms, it's the goldarn democrats and commies we gots to worry about yessirree.[/quote]Reds undeer the bed???
  16. And their 'right' to get on a plane and piss off out of it if the UK and it's affairs makes them so enraged and uncomfortable!!! F&%kwits.... :roll:
  17. I have just witnessed this disgusting event on the news and I am appalled that no action was taken against those utterly mindless idiots.

    The only good thing I saw was the fact many of the 'locals' had clocked them and were trying to get at the bearded cnuts and I am pretty sure it will happen over the next few days.

    It would not surprise me in the least if we see or read about some of those protestors being attacked and serves them fecking right as well.

    Deport the bastards as far as I am concerned. :twisted:

    My only worry is that innocent muslims will bear the backlash of this as well and its not fair on them at all.
  18. Why didn't plod just turn away for a few minutes, situation sorted. Lads could have practiced snatch squad drill and given the bar stewards a good hiding. Either that or just dupm em all into a paddy wagon and take em to Lorraine Chase's favourite place (Luton Airport) and shipped them all of to Afghanistan, no messing about, they are afterall dressed for the place. Bloody pajama wearing freaks.
  19. After watching the BBC News report I think it was only Plod that stopped there being some instant re-education.If they are silly enough to turn up to another such event the others present may decide that their presence is not required and send them on their way.

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