Protest against the protesters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by theoldti, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Faslane 365 have been protesting at Faslane for some time. Us matelots dont get too miffed with it now as we are used to it and, if all else fails, we get a day off...........hooray!
    The local community have been effected by the disruption caused by the tree huggers chaining themselve together and blocking the roads, stopping your average civvy from going to work or the kids getting to school.
    Yesterday saw the local community stand up against the minority activists and "Protest against the Protesters"
    Bloody good job. For one, I support them all the way.

    One more thing. With Tommy Sheridan losing his seat at the recent elections, he is now jobless, therefor has more time on his hands to stand in front of the main gate to stop us coming to work. Can you do next tuesday as I am having a shed delivered and need the day off?
    (Worth a try!)
  2. I suspect now he is unemployed he is probably looking for free board and lodgings.
  3. Always room at the peace camp, but even they think he's a to**er...................
  4. So some of them have some common sense.
  5. and not before time that the locals are finally protesting. I remember they climbed over the fence in 84 on friday at 7am, base locked down, traffic queued well passed Helenburgh.
    Do they still come over the fence on dole day?

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