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Hello everyone

Rumour has it that there are certain protein shakes that you cannot take whilst in/joining the navy

Does anybody know what these are? Or does anyone have a list?

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What I find amazing is we were fed and water by the pusser, 3 square meals a day plus 4 & 9 O Clockers and we survived, what's all this I must take supplements crap? For young fit service bods, I take them now cus I is old and knackered and need all the help I can get but protein comes from food, mainly meat & fish.
Hopefully by then you will realise that's just a money making business and good quality food wins every time. :)
I am sure @MG Maniac & @dapperdunn can confirm/deny this
Sumo is correct! Protein shakes are just a waste of money! Protein is used by the body to build muscle and the use of protein shakes is over subscribed to by those "muscle bosun's" who want to build muscle quickly so they can ponce around in a pair of speedo's flexing their biceps rather than go through all the pain and hard work "muscle building" the more traditional way i.e. repetitions with weights etc. Providing you are eating properly then you should be getting sufficient nutrients without resorting to taking protein supplements. You will lose weight when you first join up mainly due to the increased exercise you will be doing ... eat more! Even weightlifters lose weight when they are eating 6 times a day! Besides the body is a wonderful thing ... all these multi-vits / supplements etc we (royal we) waste money on is pointless ..the body knows how much it needs and anything over is got rid of!
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