Protected Characteristics

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by canteenflat, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. It seems the SPVA--The War Pensions People --are at odds with The Equality Act (October 1 2010) insofar as "Protected Characteristics" is concerned.
    They are offering contact with themselves by telephone only. No postal or email addresses being provided.

    Hearing-Impaired enquirers are therefore, effectively, denied contact.
  2. Pardon? ....The full SPVA contact details can be found on their website.

    Link: Contact us

  3. Sweetpea,

    It has not gone unnoticed that your helpful and angelic nature has prevented you from going beyond a mere "Pardon?" when this OP would normally be entitled to a far richer RR response.

    Bless you. :notworthy: :wink:
  4. You are wrong. Find me the postal or email of -say-The South Western Pensioners Group. They only supply a telephone number--in breach of the law.
  5. Canteenflap,

    Nowhere in your original post do you refer to The South Western Pensioners Group - you only refer to the SPVA.

    A polite suggestion: Put more water with it! :drunken:

  6. The SPVA publishes the contact details including telephone numbers alone. If you're aware of other contact details for the hearing-impaired -- they would be most welcome.
  7. Here you go ..
    Email: [email protected]

    Instead of getting yourself into a flap about it on here, why don't you email the SPVA and ask them for the contact details (other than by phone) for the department/area that you require?

  8. From Sweetpea's Link


    Veterans Advisory & Pensions
    Committees (VA & PC)

    Contact Us

    Free Veterans Helpline
    Contact Via Letter
    Contact Via Email

    Veterans Welfare Service
    Can I Visit Norcross in Person
    SPVA Complaints Process
    Contact the Webmaster

    Free Veterans Helpline

    Freephone 0800 169 22 77 (UK only)
    BT Mobile, Orange, Virgin or 3 mobile, Customers will not be charged for the call by their provider
    0800 169 34 58 Textphone facility (UK only)
    +44 1253 866043 (Overseas)

    Telephone lines are open:
    8.15am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday; and
    8.15am to 4.30pm Friday

    Contact Via Letter

    Please use the following guidelines if you prefer to contact us by letter:

    include your
    full name
    country (if overseas)
    daytime telephone number with dialling code
    the best time to contact you by telephone during the daytime
    the time difference to GMT (if overseas)

    for letter contact about
    War Disablement Pension or allowance
    War Widows or Widowers Pension
    Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) or

    please give your
    National Insurance Number or
    reference number

    Postal address

    Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, Norcross, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 3WP.

    Contact Via Email

    For email contact please put the theme of your email in the Subject line,
    for example:
    War Disablement Pension (WDP)
    War Widows or Widowers Pension (WWP)
    Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)
    Service Records
    Service Pension
    Veterans Lapel Badge

    This will help us to answer, or to direct your query to the appropriate area, more quickly.

    Email: [email protected]

    E-mail policy
    Service Personnel and Veterans Agency e-mail facilities are a way of making general enquiries. We regret that we cannot enter into long exchanges with individuals by e-mail as this is not a secure way of sending personal information.

    However, if you contact us by e-mail and we cannot reply in the same way, we will reply by other means like the telephone or by post.



    You have not made it clear what advice it is you need from the SPVA (and we don't need to know) but Sweetpea's link included the addresses above.

    Instead of you bleating on here, what is preventing you from sending a letter or email, outlining your query and stressing the no-go of further telephone comms due to your hearing difficulty?

    (Be careful though, if you come across to them like you have at RR then you might earn their COTW nomination, too.)

    Best of Luck

  9. I rest my case M'lud

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