Prostitution. Should it be legalised?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Is it time for prostitution to be legalised? I mean it would have been much easier for the 95 year old hero to have just driven to the local knocking shop. The chancellor of the exchequer would be able to collect tax from the slappers and disenchanted punters would be able to complain to trading standards
    Answers on a condom please
  2. I don't see why not, lots of countries have, might stop some of the sex slave trade as well.

    I wouldn't personally do the job, but happy to become a pimp!
  3. I thought prostitution was legal.

    Living off immoral earnings (pimping) is illegal, and I've read about various 'initiatives' (trendy PC buzz words make me want to vomit) to discourage kerb crawling, but the actual act is not illegal.
  4. It has been legal for years, it's called marriage !
  5. And you get a free maid thrown in.......
    Seriously though, sure it should be legalised, what a nonsense, a lot of slags give it up for free, might as well get some income out of it, stop the slappers claiming benefits perhaps.
    Cut down on rape, not sure about that though.
  6. Yes.
  7. Agree - it should be legalised. Might bring the price down too ... not that I know anything about this sort of thing of course. :roll:

    Fox walks away, whistling, with hands beind his back.

  8. BZ Streaky. You are correct: it IS legal. Like you have also said, what is illegal is pimping, etc.

    The legal situation in the UK is documented here:

    Don't worry - it's easy to read - it's written for undergraduates!

  9. as long as you get Nectar points i all for it!
  10. Having been married for 44 years, it would certainly been a hell of a lot fcuking cheaper for me.
  11. I'm on a Contract in Amsterdam at the moment. I reckon most of you know the score over here and I can honestly say that legalisation would be the best thing to happen. I actually got talking to one of the lasses who had just got off duty. She was saying that prostitution had been legal in holland for as long as she could remember (I'd put her at about 30-ish) 70% of the "Girls" ('cos some of them ain't 8O ) are pimp-free, They pay tax, Have regular medical check-ups, and pay tax. Believe it or not they also have their own Union called the "Red Thread" Which was actually formed to pressurise the Gov't into letting them pay tax! This was so they could prove employment to get houses/credit cards etc. If you walk around the area there are a few noticable differences to anywhere else in Europe -

    a/ You feel safe - there are so many CCTV cameras and police it's unreal.
    b/ The only Drugs you see are in coffee shops

    the Lass went on to say that the average cost for services was 50 Euros (about 34 quid) so Hig, work it out. How much would it cost you on average mate!

    (About 34 notes/week for me - Definitely cheaper! :lol: )
  12. If it were legalised and regulated in the UK do you think you might get it free if you’re on income support? Or maybe JPA might have a section to claim it back when “geographically relocated†(Drafted).
  13. At 50 euros a time, lets say 4 times a week, id be fcuking loaded, i still have to pay when i dont get. Wheres the justice in that?

  14. Yes --fully legalise it and bring it into the open ---

    Job adverts would make interesting reading ---------and job interviews would be fcuking great

    Might even get Aac into a worthwhile occupation----flogging it instead of flaunting it LOL
  15. I am now a happy C4 marital cat. The final settlement cost me a fair few grand. So in hind sight an appreciative, attractive and attentive eastern european would have been a frugally sound investment! Especially weighed up against an overweight snake with t^ts who continually whinged and spent money like she actually had a job?

    Then again there is internet dating? Like prostitution only free – unless you spring for a couple of sticky wets that is?
  16. Would they really be so desperate that they'd pay to have sex with a misshapen lump of lard? Are things that desperate I ask? :lol:

    I couldn't even get up to sit astride the bloody canon!!! :oops:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. As a 100% supporter of marriage I did look at the fleshpots of the various countries I visited but was always wary as with two doses ( one of syph ) it was bye bye boats. Amsterdam was indeed remarkable with the tarts in windows just like a butchers shop. Window shopping was never the same. Spain, La Linea, phonetic spelling, the ladies of the street with their health cards claiming clean. I remember the Spanish tarts wouldn't let anyone touch their breasts as that was for the baby. The revolting exabish , again phonetic spelling , was another educational feature of the Med area and it was an education to realise that many people patronise these places, once was enough for me in my OD days. Despite all that there is a need for this service and yes I believe prostitution should be legal so why ckuf around. With the establishments placed out of town it would clear the streets maybe and cut out kerb crawling. Anyone ufcking without a permit go to gaol and provide freebies for the prisoners. Should be service brothels too to save jack spending his money ashore and dipping his wick in unclean places. Imagine what would the branch name be, fuktrician fukanician?So
    why pussy-foot about get cracking there's plenty of openings in this area waiting for people to fill the gap . Seriously, yes should be legalised.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. [align=center]Look you lot - Prostitution IS legal!
    Say after me: I am bloody rubbish...[/align]
  19. Agreed, but organising it or soliciting for it are not, so it is not always easy or safe for people to enter the industry. Removing the legal impediments to it being an above board industry denies the participants a safe working/enjoying environment and deprives the dear opld chancellor some well deserved tax revenues.

  20. Of course it should be all legal and above board, I deserve to be paid for the service I provide to womankind.

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