Prosperity a sign of the times ?

This is a report about an ' outcast '? community in Australia . A country experiencing boom time conditions but at what price . F*****g squillions in overseas aid and futile wars and this is happening now .

Rocky times for Sydney's cave dwellers
Friday May 25, 2007

It’s hard to imagine in a country with record-low unemployment and record-high prosperity we have hundreds, if not thousands, of people sleeping in caves. Just on the outskirts of Sydney, about an hour's drive north-west of the CBD, lies a community of homeless bush dwellers.United by a sense of rejection, the cave men and women support each other.

They each have a similar story. Many come from well-to-do families. All had professional careers and fell out of society for some reason or another.
There's a former SAS trooper, a painter, a music teacher, a mechanical engineer, a marine engineer — the list goes on. All of them had a turning point in their life — a trigger if you like — that brought about a feeling of loneliness and rejection.
Some say they were pushed away like an outcast, others say they fled because they couldn’t cope with the poor cards life had dealt them. Many had suffered being sacked from a job, a marriage failure or loss of a child. These tragedies eventually led them to this point, where alcohol is their one constant.
When this homeless community began sprouting some 15 to 20 years ago, the locals didn’t want a bar of it. Police were often called to move them on and fights erupted around the pubs.
But now many local businesses have come to support these fringe dwellers. Boxes of spare clothing and blankets are often placed out the back of shops. And there's always a cup of tea on offer down at the local Op Shop.
Sadly, just like the current housing market, caves are also in high demand. As soon as a cave dweller moves on, there's always someone ready to move in.

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