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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bellson86, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Passed my selection test on friday, and i have my Interview next week BUT cannot decide on which branch to pick, my first choice was mine warfare specialist but after my test was advised towards AET which also sounds good but has left me confused! [ :frustrated: b]Any advice gratefully taken. [/b]also I box now and have always worked outside (and would like to continue both).
  2. All depends..Do you want to spend lots of time on ship at sea or not?
  3. I dont mind, wot sort of legths of time would be spent away in each job?
  4. As an AET you could still de drafted to a ship as ships company or you could well spend time on a ship with a flight or squadron. Also remember that depending on your aircraft specialisation you could be spending a lot of time in hot sandy places.

    I couldn't comment on mine warfare as a trade, however I've spent more time away since i transfered into the FAA than when I was in the warfare branch, typically 8-9 months a year when on a front line squadron.

    Pick your trade that you think you will enjoy the most and just as importantly what you think is useful after you have left.
  5. Thanks, thats helpfull :thumright: been reading the FAA pages too. Dont think id fancy goin on a aircraft carrier that much. the small ships appealed 1st thats y I thought MW. But the AET seems to give you more after. Decisions!!
  6. Most small ships today carry a Helicopter, so FAA as an AET volunteer for Lynx problem solved.
  7. :rofl:
  8. [ :rofl:[/quote] ??
  9. Hey Bellsons

    Im in the same situation as you! I got my psychometric tests on the 28th, and they told me to see how my results go!

    Im stuck for decisions between, AET and Seaman Speciliasm, thing is, i want to work outside and have alot of sea time whilst earning a good trade and good skills.

    Ive been looking into AET like you, and it does seem quite interesting, plus you come out with good trades and qualifications that will help you later!

    Depends on what you find interesting and which will benefit you when you do decide to leave. Thats what i got told anyways :)
  10. Cheers marra,gud luck with your test!
  11. You seriously want to look at a job that gives you employment skills as a civvie.
    Not everyone stays in for the 22 from what I see.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  13. Before I joined a retired sailor said " It came as shock to me when I realised that there was no requirement for men to fire 4.5" guns along the road". He joined Cunard and then MoD Plod. The Merchant Navy was huge then so taht is a restricted opening. As an AET you can get involved in everything which can broaden your horizons. When you leave the RN join the RNR as a fishead!
  14. thanks 4 all the help, went in to the afco yesterday and put down to be a AET as my first choice. got my final interview, medical and fitness test tommorow. Thanks again
  15. Oh my god
    All that in like a week?

    I had my test 12th December
    And i still havent had an interview!!

    Things have gone slightly wrong
  16. i thot tha 2 topaz!

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