Proper use of the White Ensign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. From the Telegraph

    "The Royal Navy is selling its trademark White Ensign logo to appear on products ranging from clothes to computer games in what it says is an attempt market its "quality brand" to potential young recruits."

    Does the copany feel this is a good or a bad thing?


  2. I think (as a marketing man), it is an apalling idea, the white ensign is not a brand, it devalues instantly when slapped across consumer products. I do not see what it would bring to a product anyway.

    This smacks of creative consultants (non-elected) in government trying to justify huge fees.
  3. Hi Peter,

    This discussion is already taking place in another dedicated thread HERE.

  4. Disgusting!!!!!!!!
    What else can you say?
  5. I think I would say DISGRACEFUL!!!....if I could get it in a bigger font I would....!!!
  6. I'd go's TREASON....hang the b*stard that thought up the ridiculous idea....i bet he has a pony tail too!!
  7. Personally I think it's a mad idea. It seems to me that all it will do is cheapen the logo and good name of the Royal Navy. These are things that should be cherished and looked after, not sold off to the highest bidder. I don't want the RN to become another market prostitute: we have enough of that in the public services already!

    There used to be a charge of bringing the service into disrepute. Can the proposer of this silly and misguided idea be charged with it?
  8. Misuse of Naval Property would be nice and easy to start..!!
  9. You can!

    Big enough, WM?

  10. As the Actress said to the Bishop for this it would never be big enough!!

  11. The Naafi will become a Starbucks
    Slops will become Top Shop
    The Galley will become a Macdonalds franchise
    The Wardroom will become a "Fun Kids" bouncy play area.
    Senior Rates mess will become a Private retirement facility

    God it gets worse!
  12. Said much the same in the Mail on Line letters, and in the Naval History thread (I didn't know this one was going on).

    What won't this self-serving government stoop to, to cheapen everything they touch ?
  13. I saw that later, pity the title hadn't been as clear as mine, mind you hasn't stopped people commenting.

  14. It should not happen. How DARE they cheapen and demean the symbol of the Royal Navy. A symbol that for centuries has given assistance and hope to countries and people wherever it appears around the world. I am extremly proud to have served under the Ensign since 1969 and this idea to sell it off just to make a few bucks is totally out of order - even if it does not really surprise me. After all, if you have no ships to fly it on you might as well sell it off.
  15. You've obviously seen the long term plans for Raleigh!!
  16. I suspect you are right, although the RNLI has done well with marketing it's own logo gear. I some how suspect though that the 'brand' will go to the highest bidder who will probably use it top promote tat as quality.

  17. I really wouldn't put anything pass the b*st*rds, i was on Cleo when she was the first priivatised refit.....what a cluster that was!! about writing on the wall!
  18. Perhaps we should make ALL the Admirals wear jackets with large garish labels on the back saying:

    [align=center]INSURE YOUR CAR


    ON 02435353535353...

    Etc, etc.......
  19. I am amazed that the white ensign is used anywhere other than on a ship in commission. Having said that I noticed a couple of yachts in Portsmouth the other day flying the ensign. I don't know the RNSA rules for this, but it strikes me as odd that anybody is allowed to fly a Service ensign on a private yacht.
  20. there are some historical reason that some yachts can fly the white ensign, but for the life of me , i can't remember......something to do with a royal warrant for particular yacht clubs i think!

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