Proper Rum Barrels


Hi Art, I have purchased the Rum Drum, would you be happy for a cheque please? It's just that I purchased it for our Mess and the treasurer is not in until Thursday. Delighted with this purchase!!!
Just had an email out of the blue from a company I emailed a good while ago ref rum barrels.

[email protected]

See their email below:

Sorry for not replying to your enquiry but we stopped making grog tubs, but started again if you are interested.
We are making two sizes,the small tub is 11" high x 17" wide at base x 14" wide at top,fitted with a stainless steel bowl as the tubs are kiln dried and glued, the other size is 17" high x 17" wide at base x 14" wide at top with bowl.
The price for the small tub is £170.00 each and the larger one is £250.00 each all plus vat.Please find attached pictures of the tubs.

Les Skinner.

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