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Proper Rum Barrels

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Anybody know where I can get one of these? Are they still made anywhere? Did a google search but can't find any.

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Quick furcle of ebay turned this up, over a year old, prolly tells its own story as to availability or likelihood...

Royal Naval 'Grog Tub' Oak Rum Barrel - Rationing for the Traditional Tot | eBay

This place has some barrels, rum fannys and such, but mixing tubs seem to be thin on the ground, as their site seems to have been produced with some ancient frontpage it might be simpler to call them.

Authentic Antique Navy Rum Cup or Rum Measures Copper Tin Lining Royal Navy and US Navy Sailors Daily Rum Tot or Grog, Kaiserliche Marine or Reichsmarine, Russian Empire

British Royal Navy Rum Grog Mixing Tub 19th Century The Queen God Bless Her

You'd have thought some antique shop in Pompey or Guzz would be knocking out repros??


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We had our RNA branch one made from scratch,will get you the contact details,West Yorkshire IIRC

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I have one (not for sale!) from the original disposal per AFO in 1970 when all the rum kit was sold off. But there must have been clearouts before that given the run down of the Fleet after the war?


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We have one for our Association. When I was checking it,s value for insurances purposes. I found a retired Chippy who made them for about £700 quid. That was about ten years ago.
sorry I don,t have the address anymore.


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Got the address of the guy who made ours if you still want it ? Just PM me

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Made it? Should have 'I am a grog tub walt' stencilled on its bottom. Bet it hasn't got the plugged up holes for THE KING etc round the other side.


Hi Art, I have purchased the Rum Drum, would you be happy for a cheque please? It's just that I purchased it for our Mess and the treasurer is not in until Thursday. Delighted with this purchase!!!
Just had an email out of the blue from a company I emailed a good while ago ref rum barrels.

[email protected]

See their email below:

Sorry for not replying to your enquiry but we stopped making grog tubs, but started again if you are interested.
We are making two sizes,the small tub is 11" high x 17" wide at base x 14" wide at top,fitted with a stainless steel bowl as the tubs are kiln dried and glued, the other size is 17" high x 17" wide at base x 14" wide at top with bowl.
The price for the small tub is £170.00 each and the larger one is £250.00 each all plus vat.Please find attached pictures of the tubs.

Les Skinner.

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