Proper Caps Vs. Berets

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. See attached picture of proper caps with bow wave, not flat RAN style crap. Now is that not 100 time smarter than a beret. And don't give me all that old crap about beret are more convenient just for the lazy more like.


  2. Aye - and 'long' rifles for drill much smarter too.
  3. Haha good memories - proper caps big guns - first time trying that out was after a visit to the sickbay in part 1 - an arm full of needles then of to a bit of rifle drill, painful fun
  4. i like berets they are more conviniant but they are also quite militarty style i think.
  5. And just to keep some balance I like my cap, RAN style or otherwise.

    The only thing that does p**s me off is getting mistaken for a Sea Cadet at Remembrance ceremonies!!
  6. Neither for me outdated 1930`s nostalgia, Less hats more ships.
  7. Is that any wonder, Joe Public sees more of the sea cadets than the RN these days!

    I much prefer caps to berets, looks much more naval.
  8. I think they both have their places,whilst on duty painting ship etc inc other physicial labour then the beret is the more appropriate i would say.For other duties then the old churn is king.
  9. Horses for courses! I joined in "class 3" rig (peaked cap with red badge and single breasted pussers goonskin suit with black buttons, worn with pussers boots. We must have looked right pratts on our first run ashore from Victoria Barracks, but, Boy! did we feel proud!).
    Changed to fore and aft rig as a killick in '56, and wore it with equal pride until I was made PO. Same again with that, and Chief's rig.
    Thought it would have looked f*****g stupid wearing a nice clean and shiny Chief's cap with ill fitting DPMs and cam cream, so wore a beret like everyone else when in the TA. I think it's called uniformity!

  10. I personally think caps look much better, having been a beret wearer in the RNXS. OK, you tuck the things under your wooley pulley eppulette things or through your money belt (not sure I was supposed to do that though) but the dog bowls/hats look much more tiddly.

    PS Nutty: Why are the right-markers wearing white gaiters whilst the others are in khaki? Is the one with longish hair Junior Jenny_D by any chance? :lol: :wink:
  11. Steve

    Going on the picture taken from your 1974 pamphlet the picture is early 70's as they carry FN or SLR Rifles. Prior to these Th Navy was equipped with Lee Enfield 303's certainly until the mid 60's of later. When it came to hand held weapons the Navy was to the end of the food chain. In 1968 the Truncheon was still issued with Sten Guns of WW11 vintage.

    The white gaiter denote the grade of Badge Boy or Leading Boy who were the class leaders. Three grades, Lading Boy, Petty Officer Boy and Junior Instructor.

  12. Whats fore and aft rig?
  13. not square rig, i.e. PO's rig for example.
  14. Brown hatters overalls! :wink: :lol:
  15. Was a Lading Boy one who wasn't sure which gender he belonged too? And did he assist the Leading Boy in anyway.

    PS: Jenny_D's not going to be happy referred to as a Badge Boy, especially after all that time she insisted on becoming a Junior, when given the choice! She does look quite impressive with that oversized cocktail stick though in her hand! Janner will start making those gender ambigious remarks again... :wink: :lol:
  16. Apologies, (even to AaC). That should have read "changed FROM fore and aft rig", otherwise it makes no sense. For an excuse, I offer, I'd just been called for m' tea and got so excited I fell over my zimmer frame.

  17. Steve please consult the Oracle before you make these technical statements.

    Brown Hatters Overalls = Pajamas or (Jim Jams to you)


    PS I spilt Pussers on the "e" on my keyboard and its sticky.
  18. Thems not proper long rifles, there SLRs, proper ones were Lee Enfields, not there was a proper rifle to dril with.
  19. Love the fact that, in true Naval style, that pic shows drill that would make any RSM steam. No two people have their arms in the same place!
  20. Angrydoc

    Any RSM would never notice the arms he would still be apologetic by the failure to stamp feet and raise knees to head height.


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