Proof that the SA80 is no use

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by sgtpepperband, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Its not even capable of taking a direct it from an RPG round...


  2. Ouch bet that must have hurt.

    Who put the round in the chamber the wrong way round!!


  3. On the contrary it IS capable of taking a hit from an RPG, just doesn't improve the weapon's appearance much. :thumright:

    Hope that the owner of the weapon didn't suffer.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm surprised the user managed to put an RPG in the magazine in the first place.
  5. Thinks: "I wonder if the Gunner's Yeo will notice when I return it to the small arms store."
  6. As an RPG is suppose to sort out a soft skin vehicles, house, bunker etc. I think the SA80 did very well to only have that damage. I would feel much more concerned about any person that may be holding it.

  7. we knew the SA80 was crap when it replaced the lovely SLR. Heavy it might have been but a lovely accurate and scary rifle
  8. How true this is I know not…it certainly sounds true.
    My old boss spun me this one when I was but a nipper, made me shake my head in despair.
    Instructor at Sandhurst takes his class to Royal Ordnance for the tour.
    The class are subjected to torture by retired Colonel type: Bumbles on about the SA80 and the LSW, and how f**king amazingly wonderful it is, (bear in mind this was before the first bunch of A1 mods, when they promised it was fixed).

    The DS dutifully informs the bloke that he’s a bit of lying bastarrd and cnut to boot.
    The old bloke initially tries the “I’m a Colonel, you horrible lower order oick†tact, to which he gets a “fcuk off knobhead you’re a civvy, I know you from old...remember me?â€.

    This DS it seems was an NCO on the trials team for the rifle, back in the seventies/eighties at some point. On offer were the SA80, the M16, the FNC and some HK rifle.
    No prizes for which came dead last, and was universally despised, cursed etc?
    The SA80s in trials were (allegedly) custom made to the highest achievable standard at that time, sort of hand made rifles…and they were still sh!t!
    The rest were atypical production models pulled from their respective lines.

    We all know which one was adopted on the recommendations of the trials OC (some soon to retire Colonel from Infantry), despite the slating from it received from every NCO in the trials team?
    The rifle was adopted; the colonel retired shortly after trials finished...took up post within Royal Ordnance?

    I think they binned that portion of the tour after that.
  9. I use an M4 at work and the bolt seizes up with but a hint of sand in the air, It is absolutely useless in the desert. I would take my old SA80 A2 back anyday.
  10. From a good serving Bootie source, when first issued possible the worst assault rifle in the world. In the year 2000 Heckler&Koch were paid £92,000,000 to sort out the whole thing.

    Now, according the same source the new rifle which looks like the old one but has has a total re-build is now highly thought of and up there with the best.


  11. I wasn't saying it is bad now, its gotten great reliability reports,
    Mind you so had the original before it was adopted...and after its first set of mods...and now after the second.

    I am not a fan, for one reason

    Trying firing it round a left hand corner without exposing yourself.
  12. Say again??
  13. I dont think he knows what he's on about to be honest
  14. What I mean is firing from the left hand side of cover, you have lean/step out because you can't shoulder the weapon on the left.
    What part of that is so hard to grasp???
  15. Below is an excerpt a found very intresting from that article, Some comments made by a Bootneck who helped Trial the A2, I know its a view shared by plenty of other soldiers who have not only handled the SA80 A2 but other mainstream assault rifles as well.

    “And we have now walked away from there, very, very happy; we’ve also got some extremely good results.
    There are other weapons in service, but in comparison the A2 has come out superior.

    “A weapon system is called a system for a reason. It is not just a weapon, it is a cleaning kit, it is a person, it is the bayonet, it is everything.

    “The weapon system is a package, and the package needs work, and if we do that, we are going to turn the 95 per cent pass rate to 99 per cent.

    “And there is no other weapon system in the world that can do that. For a basic infantry weapon, that the Royal Marines need, the A2 is the weaponhead.

    “You can use it in the desert, you can use it in the jungle, you can use it in the Arctic, you can use it for offensive operations or to blow up areas. It’s a good compromise for everything that we need. We don’t need a new weapons system. This system does it all.

    “I have sat on the fence on this one, I have seen the results, I have fired the weapon operationally and on the ranges. I am convinced there is no problem.

    “If you want a weapon that looks Gucci and good, well great, look somewhere else. But I am telling you now, I don’t care what it looks like, the A2 is the better weapon.

    “Those people who keep writing into the Daily Telegraph are bored ex-Royal Marines who are fed up of doing the gardening and don’t know what to do today. I’m currently serving in the Royal Marines and I’ve got a message for you: this A2 is a hoofin’ weapon – write to me!

    “There are issues, but we’ve got the information – we just need to get out there and tell eople. We’ve got the regime to get this squared away.â€
  16. No it isn't sierra. The current individual weapon of the marines is the L85A2 also known as the SA80.
  17. hahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahha hohohohohohohohohoho heheheheheheheheh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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