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Proof beer goggles really do work!

MG Maniac

War Hero

See Beer Goggles really do work!


Book Reviewer
Mind you 2cool must have had some strong goggles, looking at the pic of his run last night.



War Hero
Party girls, just go wild for these little minxes


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War Hero
Beer Goggles may very well work, but cake goggles don't. You're supposed to
stick a couple of chocolate chip muffins over your eyes and every woman you
look at suddenly becomes the girl of your dreams. I want my fu**ing money back.



War Hero
Introducing Olga Rhinoceros *Miss Concrete Shithouse 2013*

No gain. Somewhere in the world, there's
a battered husband/boyfriend.



Lantern Swinger
Janner I'm with Tiddyoggy.

I find mussel women the biggest turn off. give me a BBW any time.


War Hero
Only hardened, professional thong-sniffers need apply.....

Do beer goggles work on the beach? You decide. How pissed can you
get before crashing out on that sunbed and then waking up to catch
an enticing glimpse of this babe strolling by.....



War Hero
Sexier than Jennifer Lopez stark naked and covered in "I can't believe it's not butter"

(I'm having a hard time trying to figure out who she's lookin' at)
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