Proof at last that American beer is f**king close to water!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Like making love in a canoe!

    Both f*cking close to water! :)

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  2. Agree with Flagdeck. Brooklyn brewery makes great stuff too.
  3. Unlike the connoisseurs that grace our stadia.
  4. California has some mega micro breweries, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada etc. They're learning.

    To be fair on them, is Bud, Coors etc really any worse than Carling, Fosters or Tennents?

    Don't even get me started on that Northern dog piss 'bitter' shite Tetleys or John Smiths.
  5. When the septics get as good as Doom Bar I'll think about their beer in a more positive light.
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  6. The ones that drink the brown stuff and take their shirts off a lot!

    Unlike the civilised drinkers of Chang at gods own stadium :)

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  7. First run ashore in the States, November '58, Baltimore, grippo round the Schlitz brewery, (I think that's the correct spelling, but it sounds like what the beer tasted like anyway). Long boring tour round what seemed like hundreds of miles of copper piping and vats then the magic words, "Would anyone like a beer?" Wide grins appeared on a multitude of faces, then we were offered plastic cups of almost freezing liquid, stood around in the open with a temperature of 16 below. Not the best brewery run I've ever been on, and I don't think anyone went back for a refill.

  8. Ironically enough now owned by an American firm - at least that was the plan some months ago according to the Sharps delivery man.
  9. Oskar blues is awesome,
    On Tap | Oskar Blues RestaurantsOskar Blues Restaurants
    Several beers in the trampjuice strength category, at 10% plus ABV, but without the taste of turps.
    Taplister — Oskar Blues Ten FIDY (Oskar Blues Brewery)

    I, however, drink Samuel L Jackson. It gets you drunk, bitch. (Warning, NSFW, swearing, and you may laugh a bit)
    Samuel L. Jackson Beer - Video Clip | Comedy Central
    alt feed in case you are IP blocked (country specific)
    The Dave Chappelle Show Ill Have A Samuel Jackson.mp4 - YouTube
  10. The Yanks should visit Wye Valley Brewery, Herefordshire, and learn how to make proper beer, their "Butty Bach" is an ace pint.
  11. OK so not all Septic beer is crap ... along with a load of micro breweries seems that Marstons "Ringwood Brewerys" have teamed up with "Shipyard Ales" and because the Maine brewery laws are "different" i.e. they can do their own thing allegedly they are brewing "Old Thumper" "Double Thumper" & "Boondogle".
  12. I do like it when i see a yank in a british bar asking for a "beer". They go into a flat spin when asked what type, bitter or lager? :)

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  13. Back in 2007 a gang of us went to the Isle of Man for the Centenary TT. First night, we went from the campsite down to the Sulby Glen hotel for several wets and found a bloke slumped over one of the picnic benches outside the pub. In we went and seeing some oppo's, asked how he'd got in that state. Reply was "Oh him, he's a Yank and he's discovered Okell's Bitter!".
  14. Sums up the most widely available Yank beer
  15. My first run ashore in the states............I got pissed...
    My first run ashore in Canada................I got pissed.......I was never that good at geography...WTF's a border.
  16. You say that ... but I got in the same tail spin in Newcastle when faced with a choice of "Light" or "Heavy"!


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