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At present I am doing all I can to help my Grandson with the right advice regarding his plans to begin the process of joining the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer Technician later this year when he leaves school . As I am ex army I can only pass on my own experiences which may not be relevant to todays RN . He is quite a switched on kid for his age and has done quite a bit of research already on the route he is planning to follow . Academically he is doing ok and is expected to gain several GCSEs including maths , English and a science subject at grades from 4 to 6 and possibly a 7 at science so hopefully that should not be a problem . Without being able to predict his future , he does seem keen to make a possible career out of the RN , so the question both he and I would like to ask a more informed member of this forum is assuming that he keeps his nose clean and shows determination , are the chances for promotion in the first ten years good within the WE department as it presently stands ?
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The promotion aspects are very good. I have had some lads promoted at the first opportunity and I would be very surprised if the didn't get selected again if they keep going as they have already impressed a lot of people.
You are responsible for your own career and if you take control you can do it.

There is also a fast track scheme where if you impress during training you can be selected for promotion before you even make it out to the fleet. Obviously you have to maintain the original drive shown during training throughout your fleet time.

As it stands at the moment 10 years is ample time to make Petty Officer with drive and determination.

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