Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mattyrock, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. How does promotion work in the Navy?

    I've had a look through the old posts but everyone just asks "How long before I get promoted?" in various guises...

    I wanted to know is it a case of once you hit a certain standard (behaviour, ability to do your job, attitude, leadership qualities, qualifications, brown nosing etc.) you then have the option of moving up the ranks, or is it a case of the Navy needing a new LH so as an Able rate you can apply for promotion?

    Basically do you get promoted based on displaying qualities that the rank above has or does there actually have to be a need for a new Leading Hand for you to be promoted?

    If it makes any difference I've applied as an ET ME(SM). I'd imagine there's reasonable scope for promotion (should I want to move up) in either case with the amount of new boats joining the fleet?

    Also would you keep your rank if you changed job? For example if my circumstances changed & I wanted to move to the surface fleet would you start again as a Rating or would you keep the rank (and more importantly the wage) you had in your original trade?
  2. Cheers SJRM that makes sense
  3. I hadn't realised BR3 was on the web until I searched for the 'definition of merit' on google.

    The Navy's definition of 'merit' covers the attribute required for promotion. Then there needs to be a requirement for people in the higher rank.

    BR3 Ch65 has lots on Promotion Policy:

    6508. Definition of Merit
    Merit is defined as suitability and capacity, and having sufficient ex
    employed in at least the next higher rank. De facto, promotion is not alwa
    current or previous good performance. Factors such as consistency of succe
    the face of particular challenges), leadership and management acumen, accom
    people, ability to think on a level above peer group, potential flair for comm
    employability in both specialist and broader assignments all constitute merit.
  4. ive got a good question :) do people every jump ranks?
  5. There are a fair few Very Senior Officers who have jumped more than one rank: Adm Nigel Essenhigh went from 2* to CINCFLEET in one stroke......
  6. Unless it's changed dramatically, to go to the next rank there are task books, exams and boards to get through (depending on branch) plus to keep your rate, your LH or PO career course.
  7. a couple

    Oh I don't know...... I jumped a couple of ranks in the day..!! Wink, wink know what I mean?

    And yes, they were female!
  8. I don't believe you, chicks with dicks maybe.
  9. No ladyboys in MY navy! Excepting Bangkok and Chimney Corner in Gib and Mr Harry's in Guzz.

  10. Wikipedia indicates that Sir Nigel was Rear Admiral as Hydrographer of the Navy, then progressed to Vice Admiral as an Assistant Chief of Defence Staff before reaching full Admiral upon taking on the role of CINCFLEET.

    Clearly wikipedia is not an authority on this so I could be wrong.
  11. How about the chap that married the Queen 2 1/2 to Admr pritty damb quick

    • Also with promotion is right place right time, good boss and does your face fit at that time, as well as having a the right quals and brownie points
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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Seems a fair swap =D

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