Could anyone give me the gen on when you get to wear your new rank/rate if you're up for advancement this year. I'm due my hooks but there appears to be confusion as to if it takes effect from 1st July or 31st July.
Unless things have changed I'd take a guess at after you've paid a visit to CO's requestman and he's approved your promotion. Just because your due for advancement doesn't mean to say that the skipper will approve promotion.


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When is your CPD? If it is the 31 July then that is the day that you start to wear your hooks. Whilst it is traditional to go to the Captain for your hooks it is no longer mandatory. With the advent of CPD and JPA it is an automatic transaction. And before anyone attempts to shoots me down in flames I was recently promoted without going to the table.
As Fleet Sprog says - check your signal if you still have a copy and it will inform you on there of the CPD and that is the date you can put your 'hooks' on.

If you let me know what branch and year you were selected, I can easily find the signal if you do not have a copy.

Edited to add: Just noticed you are RNR, so not sure how they run with it all and I will not have access to that signal.
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As no one else has seems to have said it, I will - Congratulations!

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