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  1. Ladies and Gents

    Basically, i've been researching jobs in the armed forces and have looked across the 3 services. I have found that some posts have you promoted out of Phase 2/Specialist training:

    Army: Royal Military Police (Lance Corporal), Intelligence Operator (Lance Corporal). There were other routes offering fast promotion but not immediate promotion after Phase 2/Specialist training)
    RAF: RAF Police (Leading Aircraftman - Acting Corporal), Weapons Systems Operator (Sergeant), Air Traffic Controller (Sergeant)

    However, when it came to the Navy I could not find any roles where this is the case. Are there any roles in the Navy where the job is considered 'important' enough to require promotion after initial training or that offer fast track promotion?
  2. Generally the jobs you have mentioned are given immediate promotion to allow them authority in situations were they must be able to issue instructions and orders to enlisted personnel (RMP etc) I think. Hopefully you will get a more indepth answer soon
  3. Thanks SJRM, not really what I was looking for, but interesting nonetheless! :thumbup:
  4. The ETME and AET course offer fast-track promotions at phase 2a. Not too sure on other branches.
  5. Now wheres that RAF Policeman video when you need it? :D
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You sure about this? Is this a recent development? The reason I ask, is that a few years ago ('04/'05) I lived in the WOs and Sgts Mess at Boscombe Down and drank in the All Ranks Club (the Harvard Club) where there were a couple of "air-tragic" personnel who were neither occifers nor SNCOs.
  7. can I ask why you are interested in roles such as these?
  8. I don't think he's interested in those particular roles per se, it's something offering faster promotion that he's after. I don't think it exists in the RN, you need to do some time in the job before the promotion window opens,
  9. I thought as much.
  10. The Air Traffic Controller has an assistant sat next to him in the tower who on watching them do it a couple of times just answers the radio about vehicles on the air field and turns the lights on when the controller tells them to. As this is quite a dull job they tend to make out that there "air traffic personnel" so they sound better.
  11. FlagWagger

    According to the RAF Careers website Air Traffic Controllers are SNCO's (i'm guessing Sergeant as i'm sure you wouldn't join any higher). Not sure how long this has been the case.


    I am looking to leave a job I don't enjoy but pays well so was looking to take on a role that I hope to enjoy but would also mean taking less of a pay cut or at least less of a pay cut for a shorter period! I really fancy the RN but, I just can't do it with a massive pay cut and a baby on the way! The missus is supporting me but is refusing to move from our current home for now (and can't anyway during initial training!)
  12. considered the submarine branch? Once qualified the pay is quite nice it seems.
  13. or becoming an officer as the wages are around 24k on passing out of BRNC.
  14. I'm too old for most of the officer jobs and don't have a degree in any of the disciplines that allow an older entrant!
  15. Sounds like STC could be for this guy
  16. yeah. This guy sounds like he could be racing around the Caribbean, jap slapping drug runners whilst putting on terrible American accents and earning a kings wage in no time.
  17. Scouse i don't think suggesting the silent service to him would be such a good idea. If hes just in it for the money i think he'll find it a tad hard down yonder! Skimmer candidate i think.
  18. Guys, i'm not just in it for the money. Like I said, I want to join the Navy but couldn't really afford to drop too much in wages. If I wanted a job just for the money I don't think the armed forces or any public sector job would be my first choice! Lol!

    I had been looking at MA (SM), but the drop of over £15k in wages was far too much. However, having taken another look (thanks to Scouse) at the website I had forgotten to add on the submarine pay on top which would mean a drop in wages of only £10k (still a lot but I reckon more manageable). I have been looking to do something on the medical side but all those jobs (unless a qualified nurse or doctor) seemed to pay very little, I also like the other side of the job dealing with the nuclear side of things and monitoring safety levels. Sounds like something different. Thinking I sound a bit sad now!!! Lol!
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  19. Your clear passion to enlist makes sense as does you desire to be careful regarding pay loss. If I had a family etc then I'd be the same. I wish you the best of luck, regardless of the other replies on the thread.
  20. RAF Coppers do indeed become CPL's out of training, however are paid as SAC's I believe.
    Plus my daughter (aged eight) commands more respect:-D

    In the RN you have to do a few years, fail your promotion board in your source trade and then they let you become a reggie!!!:-D
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