Discussion in 'Submariners' started by marc123, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello again

    Does anyone know what the current promoton situation as a WS(SM) is on boats at the moment?
    How long do you think you will need to serve before being promoted to say leading rating, i know its down to the individual but is there the opportuntiy if you have the applitude.
    I cant wait to start building a career and am just intrested in the opportunities that will be avalible.
  2. Depending on sea time, Task book, Recommendations, 3 to 5 years
  3. However as it is a new branch I would imagine the pull through for promotion would be quite quick.
  4. Is WS(SM) a new branch then?
  5. I was told the same thing when i joined as an ET.
    But in reality neither of these branches are new. Someone used to do the job before these branches were created so really its just reorganising what was already there.
  6. O yeah and apart from a very few rare ocasions (naval nurse) you need three years time done before you can get your rate. Even if you get selected after 18 months get straight on a course do your leadership etc. You would still have to wait until you had done three years.
  7. Not with streamlined promotion, surely...there's no longer a time limit in each rate (IIRC).
  8. you are correct ET is just another name for OM, as is WS.

    The difference being is the people who are WS and joined up as WS will have an advantage as they will have completed the requesit courses.

    A prime example being one of my guys was a senior OM(CSM), he cannot now be promoted until he has completed his AB(CIS) conversion course, and then his LS(CIS) course I cannot get him on his AB(CIS) couse until September this year.

    The AB(CIS) that are coming through Raleigh now will probably overtake him in the promotion stakes.
  9. Not quite. ET is probably closer to Artificer than OM, apart from at AB level.

  10. i think you have an execellent attitude marc cant answer the question though iwas a skimmer or target i was a target in reality as well good , job they missed other wise i could not say good luck

  11. Really? I wish i knew that, i would have loved to have started my foundation degree......
  12. Three to five years as stated earlier is probably about right. Shortage branch...if you've got your head screwed on and the enthusiasm just go for it.
  13. Im an ET and ive been told 3 years at least. I could get on a course before then but even if i had finished my course and done leadership i would still have to wait until the 3 year mark. Which in reality is still pritty quick.
    Say 6/7 months Phase 1 and 2 (as a submariner you also have phase 3)
    Then killicks course is almost a year. So that gives you a little under 18 months to not only get your task book etc done but also get selected if you wish to be a killick in under three years. Which is some task really.
  14. True, but some people are capable of it. We managed that sort of promotion rate for tiffs and we need some ETs to "fast track" through or where are the UYs, WO1s and SUYs of the future going to come from? That's why the time limit at each rate was removed for ETs, I believe.

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