Promotion to Sub-Lieutenant and Lieutenant

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cullie, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    As I'm an under-graduate I am joining BRNC as a Midshipman. I was just inquiring about the rough time scales of promotion to both SLt and then Lt.


  2. So you passed the AIB and don't know that? Tut tut, tut tut. I was asked about my whole RN career.
    Anywho, as you are an undergraduate WAFU, and I am trying to be a graduate Warfare Officer I am not the best person to answer. Take a good look on the RN website, this is where I got all the info pre-AIB.
  3. Oh, and I am only being mean because I am jealous of you BRNC place.
    Best of luck!
  4. In the same way knowing everything about a football club doesn't make you a great footballer.....
  5. Am I reading your last correctly? You are saying that you know everything about the RN but you aren't intending to be a good officer?
  6. No he is saying that just because you know all there is about the Navy it won't make you a good Officer. Which is true however:

    1) The AIB want to know that you have researched your chosen career and know how you will progress.

    2) Not knowing anything about the Navy is not putting you on the right track to being a good Naval Officer thats for sure.
  7. Exactly like that Cullie. I was just suprised that you were not asked this at the AIB. That is all.
  8. No, I was indeed asked a rough outline of my expected future career, but they weren't so specific that they wanted length of holding a particular rank.

    I am unsure of the promotion time as it really isn't that important to me. They could pay me peanuts and leave me as a Midshipman for the rest of my career and I'd quite happily take that - hence the reason I don't know the exact promotion times. It was something I didn't know and am appreciative to of received the answer.

    And P_O, not meaning to be rude, but don't assume that I don't know 'anything' about the RN. I think its best that we let the AIB select whom will, and whom wont become a 'good Naval Officer'. After all, they are trained in this role - we aren't. Clearly if you are as experienced as you portray about the selection process, and what is going to put me 'on the right track', then I assume your train ticket must be booked to BRNC?

  9. I think there is a big difference between not knowing and recognising what's important enough to know are different things.
  10. Quite clearly you were meaning to be rude! I was saying, had you not had your own head so firmly up your own arse to miss it, that how can you be a good Officer of something one knows nothing about? I was actually agreeing with the basic sentiment behind your statement. I did not assume you know nothing about the Navy, but what do I know, my ticket hasn't been booked yet.

    Yes let's leave the RN to decide the qualities required to be a good Naval Officer, and look knowing about the RN is one of those qualities! So just because it "isn't important" to you, doesn't mean it isn't important to them.

    Never have I met on these forums or otherwise, a new candidate with as little experience as myself, as rude as you. Oh and by the way, don't ask why my train ticket for BRNC hasn't been booked when yours from Yeovil has, my chosen branch and yours have different requirements.

    [Edited to add, originally agreed with Cullie]
  11. Take it to the back of the gym girls, gloves off.
  12. Best way to find out is to look on the BRNC website and find the bit with BR8373 which has all the information on promotion timescales from various points of entry and so on and so forth. I may even post a link shortly if I'm feeling charitable.

    Good luck and well done,


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