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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Samson, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I've got two questions that I can't answer despite trawling the RN website:

    1) If you join BRNC as a S/Lt, i.e. after a 3 year degree, when would you expect to be promoted to Lt?

    2) Do you stop wearing the Officer Cadet flashes once you pass your Fleet Board?

    Thanks a lot
  2. You may get some flack for the question, but your answers are:

    a) You would expect to be promoted after you've reached enough seniority, ie. 3 years, although seniority is antedated depending on your qualifications. A graduate would usually start with 3 years seniority, backdated to a year prior to the start of training, so it would take you two years to be promoted to Lt.

    The official list is:

    Masters/Equivalent: 3.5 years (S/Lt)
    Graduate/Equivalent: 3 years (S/Lt)
    Foundation Degree/Equivalent: 2 years (S/Lt)
    HNC/Equivalent: 1 year (Mid)
    GCSEs/GNVQ/A2s: Nil (Mid)

    b) I have no idea and am not all that fussed.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. I know that newbie questions cop a lot of flak, but preparing for the AIB is making me a bit paranoid about the gaps in my knowlege.

  4. whats wrong with the old sh*t deflectors!! haha!
  5. Ah, you're prepping for AIB, my bad! Many useful answers to be found buried in this thread.
  6. Does that include the essay questions? Are they now typed instead of hand-written?
  7. Yes
  8. Thanks :)
  9. Did you get to use the 'Crayons large, Bootneck for the use of' on your Board Stix?
    How did you cope with cursive script? :D
  10. You put the OC flashes on during your second term (for IFT)* and then lose them after you pass out of the College.

    *Some COs would rather you don't wear the flashes on their ship until you've passed your fleet board though whilst on IFT...

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