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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by alchef, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. I joined Dartmouth at 20 and 360 days old. Friends who joined at age 21 have just been made up to Lt. I have to wait until April 2009 to get striped up. If I had joined in the next intake I would have been 21 and would be made up this June.

    This does seem strange to me and I do appreciate that the rank system on joining Dartmouth has changed. Also I understand there must be a cut off date for age on entry. My ACLO never warned me I would essentially miss out on 12 months seniority joining when I did and nor was I told on entry to Dartmouth.

    Do I have case for a representation, or should I keep my mouth shut and wait until April 09?
  2. shippers

    the navy has cut-off-dates for a reason, otherwise everybody would say but I'm onlya few days before him etc etc and before you know it Nelson is whinging that his SJAR's weren't completed in time.

    as a DO to young lads on Career courses you wouldnt believe the anomalies that can occur, promotion on Common Promotion Dates, JPA pay discepancies and dont even get me started on JPA.

    unfiortunately youve dipped out,

    by the way - if i was promoted 3 months earlier i would have been a Pre-Pay 2000 CPO and gone in at level 4 immeidiately, unfortunately i wasnt and went into the CPO scale at level 1

  3. one dips out, but some dip in more than others!

  4. "Do I have case for a representation, or should I keep my mouth shut and wait until April 09?"

    Keep your mouth shut - life in a blue suit (if you're any good you can catch them up later) :thumright:

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