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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tommytucker1989, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. I'm currently looking at joining as an AC but was just interested to know about promotion time scales. I understand that it will be different for each individual, due to picking up relevant experience that obviously takes time and a number of differing posts. However can anyone give me a rough idea of how long it would take to get from AB to PO?
  2. What's an AC
  3. His oppo is DC
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  4. You will be telling me they are both related to Joule next?:salut::salut:
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  5. They are, and Ampere.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    AC is HC in "new money".

    Promotion timescales are not promulgated as it will inevitably vary. Most branches can theoretically achieve LH in 4 year(ish) and PO in another 4 (ish) if you pull your finger out.

    "Monty_La_ Doo-lally", uses this branch as his cover for his covert STC ops shenanigans, but may well be able to peer into his crystal ball & give a more accurate guess.

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  7. I think they currently have some connection

  8. You will be telling me next that they are related to Coulomb some stuffing great number of electrons, where

    P = 1J/S

    P= (J/C) x (C/S)

    P= v x I

    P = number of Watts

    Magic this science stuff init

  9. I would add the ish bit is all the possible variables, how good you are, how good your bosses are, chance, right place right, who you Piss-off and how much S**T you get into etc, in some branches you could take a lot longer as there is little or no promotional movement
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  10. Innit indeed, Don`t understand it ( not my field of study ) but impressive
  11. Came across it in Collingrad in 74 then repeated a few times until understood, as with a lot of training not used that often in the real world, occasionally used on some defects.

    Best use was to calculate the smallest fuse rating for appliances and CCT's at home to try and stop the kids blowing it up, I never did show my eldest son where I hid the fused spur to the attic, and only gave him a 2amp fuse to his sockets.
  12. Although I am ( was ) an engineer I stay away from electrical stuff much to dangerous for my liking:eek:mg:
  13. The only thing I avoid is gas as getting that wrong really screws your day up
  14. After leaving the mob. As a civvy , One of my main tasks was writing sop`s for working in dangerous areas gas, explosive, radiation etc
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  15. I heard working with Gas is fine as long as you always and i repeat always have a fag on the go!
  16. Promotion for DC is pretty straight, AC has it's ups and downs though.
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  17. And there I be thinking only Andy-C and I were being sad twats today.

    On a sad note, some may rejoice, I’ve been rumbled at work for too much none work related internet access so will have to slow down a bit.
    That also means I’ll have to some work, bollocks.
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  18. He should be alright if he has the capacity to succeed but he may meet some resistance.

    I'ved moved my desk at work so people can't see what I'm doing on screen :toothy10:
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  19. Time to find a more conducive line of work Sumo!!!!:toothy10:

  20. This is true, just had the gas meter moved, one soldering the copper pipe with a blow lamp,<10foot away 2nd guy cutting through gas pipe with hacksaw and 6 foot from him 3rd with lit fag in gob.

    OK I`ll bite whats a HC?

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