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Promotion time/ pay scales


Lantern Swinger
Good morning,

What is the average time to get your first promotion to Leading Rating? For NA AH?

Or is it purely based on individual performance?

Are these pay scales correct?

Able Rating:
18,000 salary
1,500 a month

Leading Rating:
29,474 salary
2,456 a month

PO is the aim just wondering how achievable and how fast can it come if you work hard.



That pay is pretty much spot on.

As for the second question, from asking one of the Handlers that I know, he said it's normally about 3-4 years to get to Leading Hand level, assuming you're willing to put the work in.

PO is then a few years after that, so potentially about 6 years to PO I guess. I'm sure at some point Ninja will arrive and give a more precise answer, because he's kind of a font of all knowledge when it comes to anything Naval.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks mate

I was hoping it could be done a little sooner but I guessed it may be around that sort of time frame.

I would even be happy at Leading Hand as that pay band seems quite comfortable. Although PO is the aim. Just starting back out as a Rating will be a pay cut for a while but I'm sure there's plenty of others starting fresh the same as me.

Cheers for the reply


Yeah, I was in the same position joining. Took a pay cut from my civilian job, but aiming for higher promotions myself. I wish you luck with it all!
I get the feeling Handlers can be very slow at promotion. It's a small branch, and places a fair amount on experience. I could be wrong, any ex-WAFUs around to help?


I'm current WAFU. I can ask a Handler tomorrow for a more definite answer, but yes. Those promotion times are the time it's taking to get there in the current climate.


Lantern Swinger
I get the feeling Handlers can be very slow at promotion. It's a small branch, and places a fair amount on experience. I could be wrong, any ex-WAFUs around to help?

My info is possibly a few years out of date but I joined the CHF circuit out of phase 2 and a lot of the handler lads were still handler lads when I left the mob 5 years later. Only knew one killick handler who went on to POs course in that time as well.


Lantern Swinger
I hope that's not the case, I understand it's a small branch but 5 years with no promotion or pay rise is not great.
Yes ChewieTheWAFU that would be great to hear what the current crack is from a Handlers view.


Lantern Swinger
I was talking to an AH yesterday. He's been in 4 yrs and is an AB. Not the sharpest tool in the box though.


Lantern Swinger
Ah right I didn't know it still increases, not sure how much each year either, I just knew about the extra pay being away at sea etc.
Well hopefully I'm a sharper tool lol and can climb the ladder a little faster than that.
Thanks for the time and info


Lantern Swinger
Your pay still increases year on year as you go up the increments, even if you don't get promoted.
How much increase are we talking each year mate?
Is this like after a review each year once completed task books and assessments etc.
I will graft my titties off in 9 years and hopefully be at PO level by then
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