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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by navybamalam, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, I am currently waiting for my AIB date and am applying to be WO (SM). I've been trawling the internet trying to find out how long you usually stay as one rank depending on your training. i.e. how long are you an Officer Cadet and at what point do you become a Midshipman - Sub-Lieutenant - Lieutenant etc. considering the fact I’m non-grad.

    On the RN web site it says promotion to Lieutenant is automatic once you complete you professional training, one site I visited suggested this was on graduating from BRNC, if so would that be after Passing out?

    After searching the forums i found this:

    Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
    4x 7 week phases: Militarisation, Pre-IST, IST, Passing Out.

    Common Fleet Time
    - 4 months on a ship learning how ships are organised and operate. Culminating in Fleet Board.

    Initial Warefare Officer's Navigation Course (IWONAV)
    - 3 weeks at HMS Collingwood.

    Specialist Fleet Time
    - 6 months, generally on a small ship gaining bridge experience.

    IWOC Consolidation
    - One week consolidation of IWONAV and SFT.

    IWOC Assessment
    - One week examination phase.

    Initial Warfare Officer's Course
    - 4 months, including OOD course, DO course, leadership training etc ** maybe someone could explain what these abbreviations stand for?

    Basic Submarine Warfare Course
    - 13 weeks at HMS Raleigh.
    - Includes Nuclear General Course at HMS Sultan.

    Join First Boat as PT3 Trainee
    - 4 months gaining Dolphins.

    Non-Complement Warfare Job
    - Such as CBO (what does this stand for?), 15 months attached to boat.

    Frigate and Navigating Officer's Course (FNO)
    - 11 weeks at HMS Collingwood, including dived section.

    First Complement Appointment
    - Normally as SCO (abbreviation?) initially for 12-18 months, watch about with Navigating Officer, then becoming Navigating Officer for 12-18 months.

    Common Appointment / Shore Job
    - Around 2 years.

    Advanced Warfare Course
    - 6 months at HMS Collingwood.
    - Qualifies to become watch leader.

    Watch Leader
    - 2-5 years gaining experience.

    And finally, if you're up to it / good enough...

    Submarine Command Course (SMCC) - 'Perisher'
    - Success leads to XO job and from there to CO.
    - Failure leads to General Service jobs.
    The following I have added.
    - Perisher Course lasts for 24 weeks.

    Basically, I was wondering if someone could explain what rank you are promoted to after the various training courses.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally you will be a Lieutenant Commander after completing Perisher, but it'll take a while to get that far.
  3. OOD - Officer of the Day
    DO - Dvisional Officer
    CBO - Classified Books Officer
    SCO - Ship's Cryptologic Officer (about 80% certain of this)
    also, as well as the above two, you also get
    XOA - XO's Assistant
    AOPS - Assistant Operations Officer
    Hope that helps
  4. SCO - signal communications officer
  5. Also bear in mind that the training structure at BRNC has changed significantly.

    It now looks like:

    An alternative description lacking some detail but providing other information:
    Sourced from: BRNC Dartmouth - Initial Officer Training (RN Website)

    The main difference as you will see is the merger of IST and CFT to a 10 week period of IFT on a capital ship in term 2. Make sure you know when you will do BLD, ABLE and MARL.

    Also WO in the RN stand for Warrant Officer, the abbreviation for Warfare Officer (Submariner) is X(SM).

    I think there are a few innacuracies in the career pipeline that you outlined, I am not going to pick out any specific bits because I am in your position, ie. pre AIB - but it does appear too extended: There is another thread here with some more up to date information
  6. Call me Mr Picky but this is not quite correct, Hindostan is a Sandown Class SRMH - ex-HMS Cromer. The the former HMS Brecon (A Hunt Class) was converted by VT at Sandquay before being moved to HMS Raleigh (Jupiter Point)
  7. Contact the RN Webmaster mate, as I said in my post, copied from the BRNC page directly.
  8. CBO - Charge Books Officer
  9. Your career timeline post fleet training (however it is done these days) looks about right, but be prepared to hang about, or indeed sped up, at various places depending upon SM availability etc.

    Watch leaders should come about 5 - 6 years after gaining your Dolphins, although this may be a movable feast, mainly on your strengths and a recommendation from your CO to attend the course. It MAY, but not will, come with a recommendation for promotion. You should expect to be a Lt Cdr by the time you finish your WL job, but again this really does depend upon many many factors (your age, requirement, length of time in post when the board sits etc).

    Perisher shouldn't be attempted too early, as you need the experience to be able to make a good go of it. I would say not before 34/35, as then hopefully you will go XO, Advanced Staff and Command Course, promotion to Cdr RN and then Command. Again it depends on lots of factors, and frankly you'll know a lot more about how the RN works by that point.
  10. Damn, 4/6 ain't bad I suppose.
  11. Never forget the vital role of the SLJO.

    This only becomes apparent at secure when your XO/HOD says:

    '......and by the way, can you have a go at this one that's just come in?

    It shouldn't take up too much of your time - but I must have an answer in time for morning prayers.'

    SLJO - The opportunity to gain points lost elsewhere. (Night leave is for wimps.)

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