Promotion signals Pompey vs Guzz.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angry_mac, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Now not being in the window for selection to my next rank, I always like to look at the signal just because I'm nosy and always like to listen to my colleagues exasperation when some apparently alleged 'butt snorkelling professionally incompetent moron ' gets selected.
    But I have to wonder at this year's stat. of the 22 selected, 19 were pompey rates. Now I'm not questioning the worthiness of the guys selected but this does seem unfairly weighted, especially in my branch where the average time in rate is about 7-10 yrs before selection.
    Is this indicative of a familarity with the board members to the guys up for selection. especially when there is such a small margin between most prospective selectees. I know this isnt just specific to my branch, discuss?
  2. I think it's because Pompey rates are lightyears ahead of Janner Fuck Pigs when it comes to professional ability, looks, athleticism, wit and swordplay. Especially 42 ratings.
  3. A problem that affects lots of branches at all Rates and Ranks. There is a knock-on effect though that if Guzz isn't 'growing' enough people into the next higher Rate, then the afore-mentioned Pompey Ratings will be drafted out of area more often. This will perhaps be worse the higher it gets as people will be more settled with children at school etc.

    We get to the question of whether the current system works, or whether it would be pertinent to look at where the gaps are at the next higher Rate and build an allowance for that into it. Maybe they already do but I'm not aware of it. I know we all get drafted out of area once in a while but there are branches where this happens a lot more because of the situation described above, my own being one of them at WO2/WO1 level (admittedly not something I think I'm going to have to worry about).
  4. We have enough snags without dogshit city rejects with bad attitude FFS, it's bad enough they sent some Cumbrian twat down here. Had to teach him to read before they'd let him out on the roads, he thought he was back home because of the number of tractors around.
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  5. Totally agree. The last thing any of us want is a disgruntled colleague who doesn't want to be there and therefore invests minimum time and effort in the job. It just makes life harder for the rest of us. The question is whether the candidates from Pompey area in this case were significantly better than the Guzz ones and whether there is a greater shortage at the next higher Rate in Pompey, or will the newly promoted find themselves non-pref on completion of training.

    The term DSC reject would be hard to swallow for a newly promoted Rating who has beaten off competition from the rest of his/her peers in all Commands? Just a thought.
  6. MLP tip top observation, but alas having just sea rode a T42, well it would be unprofessional of this JFP to comment on the reason why it required another 2 weeks of training, although this event isnt confined to pompey ships. BTW the near loss of Endurance was down purely to the professionalism of our wonderful superior DSC ratings.
    Lets look at the approx stats for currently manned ships:
    Guzz- 3 capital ships, 7 T23s, hdryg ships,MASF, = 42 %
    Pompey- 1 capital ship, 6 t23s, 5t45s, 3 t42s, mcmvs = 58 %

    promotional signal for WO2 (WE) = 14% Guzz rates.
    Im certain this isnt right, and is not a fair reflection of the 'stars' of the branch.
  7. In all seriousness, it does seem odd. Have you looked at other branch signals? Are the stats similar?
  8. I'll do that when I get some time in office, I'd rather be at FOST, than in a proper sea job, but the hours are crap
  9. I would say that those involved were to blame but were not typical of "DSC" Ratings and that the problems were down to more than where they came from geographically.

    Anyway, I'm getting off topic....

    We Woo's have a similar situation at the same level where Culdrose historically hasn't grown enough WO2's. Maybe it's just a coincidence, or maybe a mistrust of the webbed toed freaks from the west?
  10. I was just nibbling back at MLP, there's donkeys everywhere regardless of branch,base port.
  11. Southampton stand more chance of promotion than Pompey and Plymouth no chance :slow:
  12. A good observation Mac. We should analyse all the signals from now on and get the stats out in the open.
  13. Honestly? I'd have thought it was down to the quality of the SJAR reporting and using the right buzzwords.
  14. Back in 94 I was in Nelson on a course (down from York in Rosyth) when I bumped into my old mentor WO1 Henry P my CHOPS M on Manchester a few years earlier, he says to me - Stan not on the WO signal then?? I say no Henry, thought I might have been given my last write up ( by a 4 ring CO ) he says to me know why you were not selected - no says I, he says cos you were'nt fcuking good enough!!

    Nuff said
    made it the following year from a report by a Lt Cdr.
  15. Typical Pompey rates Blackadder Edmond Flash Woof Woof - YouTube watch and weep you Janner Fcuk pigs!!!! Lol !!! Love you all really especially your tiddley Oggis!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I recall being on D87 in 1998 when three of our four PO(M)s on board were on the CPO's signal. BZ to all concerned, etc., but the PWO(A) approached the one PO(M) that didn't in 1N Flat - as he was doing the DF weapons handover - and said to him (in his best 'plums in gob' voice): "So, PO J******. How does it feel to be the only PO(M) on board not getting his buttons next year? Must try harder, what?"

    Flash to bang = 1 second... :evil:

    (Said PWO(A) got his first DD/FF drive a couple of years later; said PO(M) working as a security guard in Plymouth Sainsbury...) :roll:
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  17. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Its worth reading this months Navy News, which has some useful guidance on report writing and promotion by drafty.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Shame that that has to be published in NN, when DOs should be learning the basics on course and learning from more experienced DOs... :roll:
  19. It's pompous tossers like him that make me so pleased that the Navy is becoming more and more of a distant memory to me.
  20. Plus just learnt, next year is my first shout but alas as my extremely unlikely CPD date will fall after my Tx date, I wont even get to the board..... select neutral gear, and coast to a leisurely stop.

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