Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Berniephot, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. now i am not someone who is a drip but i have a bit of a grievence and i need to air it here. (because if i phone those concerned it will do me no good!)
    now the promotion signal has just come out and yep you guessed it i am not on it.
    never mind i hear you all say theres always next year etc etc.... however i have been in for 16 years and in this brance now for 7 and i am still a killick!!! what the f*&k is going on......................
    If i stayed in my scource branch i would be a CPO now this is starting to really get me down.
    in a branch like mine which is very small and everybody knows each other do you think that it is fair that a WO from our branch sits on the board???? i dont i thought it was supposed to be impartial????
    to top it all off 75% of the people rated up in the last 3 yrs really should'nt have been so for gods sake no wonder the RN is thought of as a joke....

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