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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jamie534, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I'm going in as an ET (WE), and i was wondering what's the timeline on promotion? Obviously i want to progress to the highest level that's possible, so my other question; is it possible to get commissioned from a rating entry, and if so how often is it that occurs?

  2. Actually more often than you'd think.
    The sky really is the limit regarding promotion (well, pretty much Commander, as an Engineer) with things being far more fluid these days you CAN take exams and get promoted just about as soon as you are ready for it.

  3. Engineer branches tend to float around the 50/ 50 mark for direct entry/ rating entry in the officer corps. That rating entry is divided between Upper Yardman and Senior Upper Yardman entry with UYs being employed much the same as DEs and SUYs tending to end up in more specific roles. SUY have a current promotion ceiling of Cdr, DE and UY can go higher than that but realistically most UY aren't going to manage mainly down to the windows for promotion compared to age.
  4. So is promotion something you are put forward for by a superior or is it a voluntary process? i.e. will my progression rely completely on me being put forward for it or can i put myself in for it.
  5. You must request to take promotion examinations, but your training senior should tell you when to do this. However, if you feel that you are ready for a particular exam for instance, you can request to take it "off your own back" so to speak.
  6. Timeline, if you are a good egg and all round star:-

    from finishing training and joining first ship

    6-12 months passing to get from ET2 - ET1
    then a further 2yrs to being selected for LH
    LH' course is approx 9 months, then spend a minimum of 3yrs as a LH before being selected for PO. POs course is 18 months + 6 month PJT package.
    Then first sea draft as a PO which will last 3 yrs. 18 months shoreside. Then another 3 yr sea draft. During this 2nd stint at sea as a PO you will be selected for CPO. CPO course then followed by another 3 yrs as CPO on a sea draft. End of first sea draft, you might but mostly likely not be selected for WO2.
    So if all round good egg it willtake you from joining first ship in the year 2010
    3yrs to get to LH -2013
    6yrs to get to PO - 2016
    12 yrs to get to CPO - 2022
    15 yrs to get to WO2 - 2025
    18yrs to get to WO1 - 2028

    As a WEA it use to take 7 yrs to get to Chief, who says the branch redevelopment isnt a way of saving money.
  7. Can the time frame of promotion for general all round good eggs be taken to include the submarine service?
  8. Unfortunately by the time your mole like eyes have accustomed to real light after 4 months under an ice cap, youll be thinking how quickly do i get out of this [email protected]
    Only joking sludgemariners.
    I was on tiff's course with submariners who took on average about 2 years longer to get to equivalent rank. Im sure someone will enlighten you. This is probably due to more training required and less billets available.

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