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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by edchannah, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. I am just wondering if the same prospects for promtion are availbale to logistics officers as to other branches. Am I correct in thinking that a logistics officer cannot achieve command of a vessel, does this mean that they will never progress beyond the rank of commander. My concern is that joining as a logistics officer would put a cap on my career prospects.
  2. Rank has always confused me, but I'm pretty sure if you have the skills and aptitude to command a ship, then the navy don't care where you come from.
  3. Hi Ed
    All officers have the same promotion prospects. Prmotion to Lt is a given, anything over and above that is on selection - if you're good enough, you'll get selected.
    You are correct in that you cannot be the commanding officer of a ship - only warfairies get to do that - but it is possible to attain the rank of Captain or above.
  4. The last admiral of the fleet started out as a Wafu.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That relates to Loggie how exactly?

    I thought all RFA Ship Captains started as Loggies??
  6. It doesen't, I just thought it was worth pointing out because D.E said that ship commanders all started out as warfaries.
  7. Aircrew is a warfare sub-branch......
  8. Sentanashi
    Please keep your advice to subjects in which you are knowledgeable.
    Perhaps playground games and bicycle sheds :pukel:
    Some poor sods may not realise just how many of your postings are pure bullshit! :toilet:
  9. Ah, confusion rears its ugly head. You have to be a Warfairy to command a ship. Where you have slightly gone astray is in drawing a distinction between a WAFU and a warfairy. The option has always been there for WAFUs to go executive and achieve command- in the past typically of an MCMV to begin with. Similarly, branch changes are not unheard of, although very rare, from engineering or logistics etc to warfare.

    However, the rub is the time in your career when this change happens. It is more common from the WAFU world because a, the jobs are similar, and b, the profile of the air branch is such that many people end their careers as Lieutenants- because promotin is slow and not everyone can command a squadron. Thus they can transfer across and do their offi er of the watch training as Lieutenants (when I went through BRNC the training pipeline was so screwed up that I was a Lieutenant long before the end of training and I was a pure warfare entrant) so no-one bats an eyelid at a Lieutenant just starting out in the warfare pipeline.

    However, from the other branches it is either when they get their papers raised from the lower deck (and then not if an SUY) or in the very early stages of their career. In general, no one gets above Lt and then changes branch. consequently, by the time any of these people get command of a warship, it is highly doubtful whether they think of themselves as anything other than a dabber.

    Another point is that there are Admirals from all branches. You just can't command a warship or be 1SL unless you are Warfare. For these puposes, and because of the long established cross over both ways (anyone remember Executive Aircrew?), WAFUS are Warfairies. Just that neither side would necessarily admit to it except under extreme duress :thumright:

    Note- Executive Aircrew was a route where you could join as X branch, do a job or two at sea and then go for P/Obs training. This has been discontinued since the average age of new joiners rose to the level where the appointment pipeline wouldn't allow it. Even if you go in as a Midshipman, your chances of being allowed to do it are small if not non-existant.

    Anyway, hope that clears it up.
  10. Nope, they are all career Deck Officers. Our supply officers are qualified in things like business administration, not seamanship. What made you think that?
  11. 72% of Logs Officers will promote to Lt Cdr at their first shot as a Lt; taken from the manpower brief I read this morning.....
  12. Oh, ok, sorry. My bad.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It was an attempt at humour (obviously not a good one if you don't get it) :dwarf:

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