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Hey, I'm new to navy net. I should be starting basic in march,I had to have it postponed as i ran my foot over with a lawnmower haha. I was running my 1.5 in 9:30 I'm assuming that should be okay for Rayleigh as long as my fitness hasn't dropped massively. I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be concentrating on for Rayleigh. Also I already have a Level 3 btec in mechanical engineering at pass level, from what I've read during trade training ill be working on a level 2 NVQ thats no problem however will the navy take my previous qualifications into consideration when looking at who to promote or will it be pointless once in the service?


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Please be aware that if you are going to Rayleigh you will be on your own!
As far as I am aware your civilian qualifications will have no bearing on your accelerated promotion though it is not pointless as you should be able to pass at level 2 with high marks.
However if you do not do well at level 2 they may look at why when you are supposedly educated to a level higher
Yes I'm aware? Okay sorry I'm typing relatively Quickly and thought you'd know where I meant as its a naval froum...Thank you for answering my question though
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