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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Don87, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Could anyone tell me what promotion opportunities are like serving in the Submarine Service? Only from a ratings point of view that is.

    My 1st choice branch is Warfare Specialist, and any specific information on that branches promotion opportunities would be great.

    What could I expect in 10 years time?

    Is retiring after 22 years as a WO1 or 2 a real possibility?

    Also is junior rate promotion based on experience? Or do you actually have to prove merit to gain advancement?

    Thanks to anyone answering my annoying questions.
  2. Usual prospects for the lower ratings are based on time served ,experience gained and recommendations . In between courses for
    gaining higher job positions.

    Promotion is broadly speaking a matter for the individual--you can stay at the bottom or push for higher positions after achieving experience .

    The RN usually helps you on the ladder --but its you who has to do the climbing.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. Thanks. It's just I have read of some people only making it to LH after 10-15 years experience and the like, and it was a slight concern to me.

    I am only interested in working hard and earning a position, but the thought of never furthering myself or staying statically in the same level of responsibility for over a decade is not a very attractive prospect!

    It's good to know the opportunity is there to be earned though.
  4. It is possible to go from Junior Rate Warfare Specialist to Commanding a Submarine - it has been done. It all depends on the individual, the world's your oyster - if you're good enough :thumright:
  5. WO1 is a possibility, currently WO2 isn't, 'cos that's only available in technical trades. So saying, could it be introduced as a substantive rate for non-tech trades? Who knows?
    All promotion is based on merit and there's a definition of what "merit" means that each promotion board has in front of them when they make their selections.
  6. Our kid made WO1 at 36....4 years before he came out on pension, as has been said, it is down to you, good luck.
  7. Promotion on boats for the last few years had been a bit of a nightmare with only 1 promotion signal per year and a common promotion date, however that has now changed to 3 signals a year, the only problem being is having the bods to relieve the guys to allow them to go on their Professional qualifying courses.

    WO1 at 36 is an exception rather than the norm!! i would say if you join at 18 you are lucky to be a Senior Rate in the non technical branches by the time you are 30
  8. From what i have seen promotion is what you make of it. Although engineering trades do seem to get it easier as more LH, POSs, etc are required than in other trades.
    Also ETs can get fast tracked in a simaler (but not identical way to tiffs)

    I know tiffs had it a lot easier in terms of promotion. but i know of at least one tiff who made WO2 at 28. which is still some achevement.
  9. When did that come in? Is that above and below the water and in all disciplines?

  10. BR1066 change 17 seems to have taken out the need to spend a set amount of time in each rate. Theoretically, any ET could do his board as soon as he's ready and, if good enough, be recommended, selected (then trained) and promoted, without having to mark time. That's even better than tiffs (in theory) who still mark time in each rate. Will it work in practice?
  11. It wont work in practice because they dont have enough manpower to allow people to be promoted quickly!!!!

    typical Pusser
  12. Maybe it depends which branch.
    There's enough ET(MESM), LET(MESM) and POET(MESM) to promote now, no reason to hold anyone back (except...haven't done the PE, unfit, not recommended, i.e. the usual suspects, noting that there's no time restriction) looking at the activity recently a load of POMEM(SM) were promoted to CPOMEM(SM), and there's enough opportunity for promotion to WO2ET(MESM).
    Looks like the opportunity for promotion in the MESM world is OK.
  13. In the ET(SM) world at the minute, if you're prepared for for a bit of responsibility, you can progress quickly. Every stoker and killick stoker is being kicked upwards to fill voids and discrepancies in the new branch structure. The fly in the ointment is PO stokers.. the branch brass has their hands over their eyes hoping theyll disappear.. well at least the ones who wont go on ET conversion course anyways.. the new regs that as a stoker (or ET.. sorry) you dont even have to do a PPE means those who get nervous during boards can get their three good write-ups and go on course. The kicker is you'll have to qualify shut-down supervisor ( a la shut-down senior rate) as killick and qualify cat C ( EP or Upper level). Also PO's become section heads and chiefs become more involved with the middle management, as in WO2's. If you've joined at the bottom this is all irrelevant, just know if you're prepared to graft, ET(ME) has good prospects to move up the ladder..
  14. The new branch structure is better than the old mix of tiffs and stokers, IMHO. JR stokers are not being "kicked upwards" but being promoted (by merit) as they always have. Judging by the proms signal though, there doesn't appear to be enough killicks who've done their PE (either that or they're all unfit and so not seen by the board) to qualify for selection to PO.
    PO stokers and CPO stokers will remain and are not seen as a "fly in the ointment" even though the spec is going to dwindle eventually. Some PO stokers have done NPOC and a reasonable number who had done that route seem to have been selected for CPO last year.
    Increasingly those CPO stokers who express an interest will be considered for NPSupC, I guess, several have already demonstrated they can do a good job as NCOW.
    Meanwhile the non-nuc PO/CPO stokers are important as forward staff or doing non nuc jobs inboard.
    The branch doesn't need senior rate stokers to transfer to ET, there are pros and cons in transferring to ET and there are some bad buzzes going around about what ET means. At the end of the day, SR stokers are still valuable as senior rate stokers, hence the number that have been offered (and have accepted) 2OE (or whatever it's called now) last year.
    Everyone's important.

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