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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,

    So as I said I have my careers presentation on the 19th of next month, really looking forward to it, signed up to a gym last week to get fitter and i'm going to apply to join the navy as soon as I get the paperwork, no messing around. I was sent a very informative careers booklet along with my confirmation letter, I am curious about one page, the page providing information on ranks, I have two questions really, the first one is I will be joining as a rating and it says that if you work hard you could become a commissioned officer, how likely is this really? also how long would it take if I genuinely worked hard to be promoted to leading hand and higher? as always any advice is greatly appreciated :)

    take it easy

  2. It is very possible to go from rating to officer, in fact quite a few people do it in the later stage of their career (CPO / WO level).

    As for how long it would take to get to Leading Hand, your normally looking at about 4-5 years(ish) if you work hard and get recommended.
  3. Generally speaking about 40% of any wardroom joined up as ratings.
  4. thanks for the quick response pal, I don't mind the wait, just wanted a rough idea how long to expect if ever. One thing I have noticed about the whole joining process and possibly the whole RN for all I know is that everything takes ages lol
  5. Thanks for telling me, I just thought it was possible to join as a rating and become officer but very very unlikely, gives me something to work even harder for
  6. have a search through the threads called upper yardman.
  7. Although I was a direct Officer entrant, I think it is something that we as a Navy should be pretty proud of, that so many of our Officers started their Naval careers as Ratings. I can't imagine similar figures coming from the US Navy for example.
  8. Completely destroys the myth of rating/officer= different class.

    Though as most on here would know some OCs/officers really do believe it to be their exclusive birthright, but they can f**k off.


    Good luck to you, if you show the potential then you will get a go at trying for officer, though there's no reason to not be proud of joining the senior service as a rating, you will be just as well respected in my eyes if you are not a cock. :D
  9. He already is an officer I think, no?
  10. Referring to OP mate though it probably wasn't clear hold on. Sorted.
  11. I am glad we are passed that birth right rubbish! If you have the talent the AIB should recognise it, but at the same time, its not for everyone, and nor should anyone feel that that alone is the measure of a successful career.

    Did you see the Empire of the Seas programme; one Victorian "lady" criticised a Rating for his wish to become an Officer as it would be at "the expense" of her sons and nephews of whom it was their "birthright".
  12. I did indeed and wasn't at all surprised, though the RN and the military has come a long way and selection processes such as AIB are brilliant for highlighting simple aptitudes and qualities that are needed. Beyond that I don't believe anything else is required apart from hard work, commitment and some common sense?
  13. On the subject of Ratings / officer relations : An Illustrated history of the Royal Navy 1870 - 1982 by Capt John Wells is a good book, well written and covers a lot of ground in particular the causes of unrest on the lower deck and the reasons behind said causes.
  14. To go from a rating to a officer is it somthing you apply for or are you selected?
  15. You would apply to go to COs Requestmen through your Divisional Officer to become a Senior/Upper Yardsman, and you would then have a special report raised, which begins the process. However I would suggest that a proactive DO would additionally consider bringing it up with a Rating in his Division s/he felt would make a good Officer.
  16. :roll: :roll: Ah !!!!! the halcyon days of Pilots in the FAA. With Double Barrel names, with plums in their mouths, and their elder bro was a Lord, driving their oppos to the wardroom , in the Blower Bentley :lol: :lol: :lol:

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