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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jesters_dead, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Good afternoon/Evening/night, depending on your time zone.

    Well That time of year has come and gone and yet another Chiefs signal has passed.

    Out of curiosity what bunch of out of touch "man managers" sit on these boards and make a mockery of "merit" based promotion? (This is the question bit!)

    Yes bitter is a good enough word, 5th shout and V strong every time. Top student in both my course but they were that long ago one has changed it's name and both have changes location! Obviously not what you know but who you blow.

    Bless Stella and all the good ideas it gives you.

    I look forward to your replies.

  2. Mate FWIW I've been getting V.Strongs with NOW stamped all over them for 10 years (since my first shout) now. It'll never happen for me though. Why? Feck knows!
    I do know that the board Sec is a civvy though!
  3. Bet you didn't swallow did you shipmate during DO's brief :thumright:
  4. Thank you for your reply, My head hurts.

  5. TOO much stella last night eh!!!!!
  6. So Nothing has changed in the 23 years since I left.
    As an POAEM(R) the promotions to CPO were very few, at best two a year and at times none. When the promotions signal was examined to see who had got the promotion it was invariably someone who was not doing his trade job. those employed as AEO's Writers did well as did those in stores liaison jobs. The real winners were the young guys who had C.W. (Officer candidates) papers raised. These guys were usually under 32 and once they had achieved CPO status the majority withdrew from the selection process, thus blocking the promotion prospects for others until they left the service.
    So no changes for 23years :pukel:
  7. To me its always been a bit of a lottery and I was lucky enough to have got my buttons on 2nd shout. I think a lot seems to be who has signed your report, IE - A four ring skipper, a Commodore etc.

    Each year I always cast an eye over the Communications promotion signal and do the usual, 'no way, how did he/she get it and why did so and so not get it' etc. I have seen many RS (PO(CIS) who were never promoted when they should have without any doubt at all and others who seem to do lots of charity work and get picked up first shout for CPO and then WO!

    Don't even get me started on the CW candidates who seem to have their papers raised, get promoted and then take them out again.

    Chin up fellas, never say never.
  8. If its any comfort guys I know were you are coming from, all I ever wanted to be was an AB everything else that happened after that was almost by accident LH at 21 PO at 24 and CPO at 28 had to wait a little while for WO1 but made it at 37. My first job was seariding and in the 3 years I did the job I met many CPOs who's abilities and professionalism went far beyond mine. It is a lottery and in the years afterwards I used to read the promotion signals and think how the fcuk did so and so appear on that. Just keep at it believe me better guys than me should have been selected years ago. Its not what you know but who you know - I went SD after I got my buttons!!
  9. In the dark old days, the B13 rates were on a points system. For technical trades up to and including PO a PPE (Preliminary Professional Examination) had to be taken, having passed that you then had to pass the qualifying course. You could be rated up before, during or after the course depending on the state of the Roster. If you failed the qualifying course then the rate was taken away.
    You were rated Acting PO one year later you were rated PO scale Band two years later you were normally rated PO scale A.
    Then you started to accrue points for promotion to CPO. If you were extremely good you came to the top of the list more quickly than an average guy and of course if you were a tosser you took a lot longer.
    Normal age for promotion to CPO in the FAA 36 to 38. This meant that most people would get their CPO's pension even if they had to sign on for an extra year or so. Most CPOs seemed to leave at 40 freeing up the rate for the younger guys.
    The new system rated too many young POs which successfully screwed up promotion for many others
  10. Slim, I AM a B13 PO mate :)
  11. Then best get your CW papers raised toot sweet :w00t:
  12. Just do what i did and got rinsed during the feast of the pass over. Totally agree with Brigham why put CW candidates on it. Think we had 3/4 on our one last year
  13. Thats the bite!!! I have got CW papers in with every intention of keeping them in and going officer. I was recommended AIB ready now on last report and I'm waiting on a date. I'm at the point where I'm looking at the signal and thinking WTF!

    poor me, poor me, pour me a drink!!!

    Anyway, I don't suppose anyone knows the composition of the selection board, I'm feeling a case of face and fitting coming on.

    Thanks again

  14. j-d you are probably right if someone on the board knows you your'e in like Flynn. Still if you have got your papers raised - are you as good as you think you are ??
    Feast of the Pass Over is always a bad time of year.
  15. Fair play Stan, and to be honest your probably right.

    The thing that grips my sh1t is that people who are a fair bit junior to me are on it and I know two of them who were "moved on" from jobs and another one is being held over in an additional billet while waiting to be court marshaled after being taken of board!! Winge winge I know but I feel really deflated and I can't wait to put my pointing finger on for when I see drafty next!!

    Might as well sit out my last five as a PO take the money, don't give a flying F, dodge sea billets, go home every night and get my buttons anyway when I take a 5 year extension!!

    Seems thats the way to do it!!!

  16. Hmmm, lot of bitter people out there.

    A couple of points;

    Why should those with the CW papers raised not be eligible for promotion?

    As someone who had their papers raised whilst waiting for possible promotion to WO I would have been royally pissed off if I had been denied promotion just because I had the desire and drive to drag my sorry carcass off the lower deck. What would happen if someone was denied promotion due to their papers being raised and then subsequently failed the AIB - the civvy lawyers would have a field day with 'career fouling' with that. Whilst I understand the perception that people get promoted for having their papers raised that is plainly shitte, it is more likely that if you have your papers raised you have raised your profile therefore making more likely that you will be promoted.

    Like Fifty Pence Feet Brigham 600, I too look at the signal each year and wonder at those who have been promoted, I suspect that when I was on the signal someone somewhere (probably more like crowds) asked the saem question - how did he get on it. However, we all know that there are only a few places and stiff competition, I think part of the problem could be a bit of expectation management, surely after not being picked up after a certain amount of time you should sit back and think why you have not been picked up but those that you percieve to be lesser mortals have.

    As an aside can someone PM me the DTG of the signal so I can get a look at it please :thumright:
  17. Talk to your Divisional Officer or your friendly neighbourhood PO Scribes and ask them to contact the Promotions Board to find out why you weren't successful. This is perfectly legal and the feedback may help you get on track for the next one.

    Sometimes it is what is not being talked about such as skills or experiences you may be missing and sometimes it is because the individual has been in the same job(s) far too long so there is little of no breadth to promotion portfolios. Often is can be the quality of the wording of the report; you can be an A / V Strong but if the content is garbage or badly written because your DO can't string more than a couple of decent words together, you're at a disadvantage. Notwithstanding I would be surprised if a V Strong wasn't carefully vetted before being sent off.

    There is a possibility that there is something you can do (in some cases an OPTOUR, Joint Service, Base Logs Inspections Teams, etc) which can tip the balance. Try looking at stuff outside your core trade - remember Sailor First, Chef Second. Your DO should be able to help as it is this sort of stuff which means most these days.

    Finally it is also important that your report reflects heavily on Career, Leadership and Managements so the more you can do to draw these aspects into the equation - the better for all. Often you can create opportunities for yourself to score some additional points.

    Finally, keep a tally of all the stuff you have been up to and present it to your DO in advance of your PAD and again (updated) inadvance of writing the report. A little bit of self PR does no harm nor does any attempt to remind your DO how good you are. Cheesy? Perhaps but it works.

    Good luck for next time.


  18. I was a B13 Killick and PO
  19. Gonetothedarkside,

    I could not disagree more with your conecpt of CW (by the way, I do know who you are!) I have seen a few Petty Officers during my career who had their papers raised and in your words, 'raise their profile' and then once selected for CRS, decided they did not want to be an 'Upper Yardie' anymore. ;-)

    I have no complaint about people who actually have their papers raised and go on to become an occifer at all and good luck to them, just like yourself. My gripe is with the ones who do it purely to gain an advantage over others who are just as good, if not better than them in the first place.

    By the way, have not seen you out on the astro turf for some time now, old legs not up to it anymore?
  20. Thanks again for the advice. I had no idea you were entitled to feedback as when i asked before the answer I got was, There were stronger candidates on this board, seemed to be the default answer.
    I have particular skill set (About 20 odd left of us) and I'm thinking it is because we are considered "old School". I'll be sure to ask drafty next time I see her.

    I thought I had done all the right things, Community work, Charity work and CW papers. A point I must stress is I did all that for me and not for the report writing, and your right, nothing apart from the CW was on the report. Not the reason I do these things but wouldn't hurt to be on my report.

    I may move onto Aunty Morgans tonight now the stella fog has lifted.

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