Promotion bar dips not once but twice....


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Just reading two new RNTMs and the do make me wonder.Now AB's no longer need 12 months sea time before they can show at promotion boards and for AB(SEA)/(MW)/(HM)and(D) there is no longer any need to pass a Written Professional Exam.All because we've not had sufficient numbers put forward for selection/consideration.So the RN response is to lower the bar? Is it just me that finds this incredulous and quite depressing, what does this say about the quality and motivation of our sailors?Now, I might have the wrong end of this particular stick so if I have I am happy to be corrected.
Sadly, this seems to be the standard response to all problems in organisations now. Instead of encouraging people to make the grade and strive to improve, we make it easier to "achieve", to the point where it really isn't an achievement at all.

Stems from the ludicrous idea that 50% of the population can go to university . . . so let's put in plenty of ice-cream courses (sweet and easy to swallow) that are of no real benefit to anyone when the holders do finally trickle into the job market and so devalue the whole degree system while we are at it.
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