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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by mikh, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. I know I am being a little pedantic, but I have seen more than a few threads asking/talking about promotion within the RN, ie how long will it take me to get promotion to leading rate.

    Things might have changed in the last 13 years but it always used to be Advancement for Ratings and Promotion to WO/Officer. At least thats how I remember it.

    Having looked at the RN website, this also states promotion, so can someone still serving shine a little light, have things changed and are you promoted as a rating now?
  2. Yes, even JR proms are now by selection. Streamlined promotion involves selection boards, 3 times each year, for selection to LH & to PO. Idea is to "select, train, promote" & career courses start the term after the one you're selected in (ideally). Complete career training and, bingo, you're promoted. Well, that's the theory....
  3. The main problem with fast track promotion, is that once they are promoted if anything happens out of the ordinary they're stumped. I've seen this a couple of times and its made them look idiots, though through no fault of their own. Then again bringing back a written examination could help alliaviate this.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I remember being dubious when the RORRS Promotion System was introduced, to replace the old 'points' system (happy days sitting in the Mess, reading and analysing the 'Points' section of Navy News, like a wizened Stockbroker!). :wink:

    However the current method seems to be a much fairer system than the old one; at least now, candidates can be selected for promotion based on their professional ability, regardless of time done (Task Books, Oral/Written Board dependent). This alleviates the problem of having a young, enthusiastic Rating sitting at the bottom of the roster who cannot progress because he had not accumulated enough points, as before.

    And how many of us know (or knew) old and bold LHs/POs being selected for advancement, purely because they had accumulated the necessary points over time, despite poor write-ups on their C2641 and regardless of professional ability? 8O
  5. But there isn't any written examinations anymore, well in the Warfare world anyway.
  6. Sheesh, that'll be tiffs then (ducking, incoming...)
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    True. And there wasn't when OMs were being selected for LOM, etc. either, but there was never any question about their ability to do their job was there? Providing they did the Task Book, got selected and did the LRCC/Professional Qualifying Course, then there was no problem.

    To tell you the truth, I never had much faith in written PPEs; I believed that they only confirmed your knowledge at your current professional level, not your suitablility for promotion.

    You may have come across one or two individuals who didn't quite make the grade in a particular situation, but surely that is probably a fault of the individual themselves, rather than the promotion system itself? :?
  8. "Promotion" for PO to CPO officially commenced with the first selection on 1st November 1971.
    Before that you went to the table with a request to be "rated", after your B13 had been issued.
    On that date, when I picked up my buttons, the Skipper said "Rated CPO" then apologised and amended it to "promoted".
    I don't know when it came in for L/Hands and below. After my time I suspect.

    Being a sentimental old soul, I actually still have page 9 from Jan 1972 Navy News which says :- " The names of 1,800 petty officers came before the 1971 selection boards who, taking into account the reports of commanding officers, selected 721 candidates, sufficient to meet the expected vacancies for Chief Petty Officer arising in the year beginning November 1, 1971.
    In all respects, promotions from these ordered lists will be on the same basis as, under the previous system, were advancements from the rosters.
    The first promotions from these lists appear on page 7."

    My name was on both pages.

  9. And before the points system it was the person who had been in the rating for longest who was promoted I believe! Both systems have GOT to be better than that!
  10. Not necessarily Pimpernel, in most branches you had to take a course and exam for advancement, and your entry to the roster would date from the time you passed that exam. It was very unfair in that foreign drafts and "can't be spared" could delay your drafting for the course.
    In my case, my basic date for L/Cook was 9/7/56, and I was recommended, and should have been eligible, to do the PO's course two years from that date. Unfortunately the first opportunity didn't arise until I returned from the Windies in 1960, so my basic date for PO was 17/5/60.
    Quite a few of my contemporaries jumped me in the queue during that period, effectively delaying my POs rate by 12-18 months!
    All water under the bridge now, but it hurt (financially) at the time.


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