Promised Men


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Same as the last time you asked, they were men and they were promised.

Just because you haven't been answered doesn't mean a new thread is required to ask again.
Looks like I've breached protocol - SORRY!. will try to to avoid doing so again. What i'm wondering about tthe "promised men" is: Why were they given that deal? How did they qualify to be offered it?
My understanding is that they were all men who had joined in 1948 and would have been able to leave in 1970. I can only imagine that the prospect of losing so many experienced men at that point would have led to very real gaps and reduced efficacy and that they were " promised" employment until the age of 65 if they didn't leave at that point. I have found that stories about these men mention them in places like DQs, perhaps making it possible for the people they replaced to go to sea.

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