projects to combat terrorism

Seems like a good day to pass on some info I received recently from a network of which I'm a member:

Commission programme for the prevention of and response to violent radicalisation

The Commission will be co-financing up to 85% of all eligible costs of the projects. The Call for Proposals foresees seven themes under which specific projects can be financed. In summary, they are:

1. competence building for professionals, spokespersons,spiritual/political leaders and youth organisations;
2. enhancing knowledge on Islam and at raising awareness on the nature of violent radicalisation;
3. devising/promoting effective channels for addressing (perceived or real) grievances for people who show sympathy or demonstrate support for
4. improving engagement with spiritual/political leaders;
5. facilitating cross-cultural dialogue between media professionals;
6. empowering voices that counter terrorist rhetoric;
7. monitoring recruitment and grooming of terrorists over the internet.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 16 April 2007.
Money I'd rather see spent on kevlar and bullets for our troops, democracy, hugs and understanding doesn't work with these mutts.
Lingyai said:
Money I'd rather see spent on kevlar and bullets for our troops, democracy, hugs and understanding doesn't work with these mutts.

Good for a cheap laugh Lingyai - but given problems of overstretch its obviously of great benefit to the broader community to better understand and possibly prevent our young people being sucked into this type of protest and deal with the problems of divided communities in many parts of the UK (and elsewhere).

Max Weber produced some interesting work on the capacity of bureaucracies to self-perpetuate - anyone would think you'd rather have a ruck than see a more peaceful society - hmm


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I almost agree with Lingy.
How do they expect to reach this section of the community. Unless they can bring in Imams who preach to them that if they kill innocent people of any race/faith they will not be getting virgins but will go straight to hell.
Haven't seen many Imams condemning the actions so far!


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Perhaps when they bend over as far backwards, as we have been ordered to do by Government just to appease them. Perhaps, then I shall have a different view to Ling as well.
golden_rivet said:
anyone would think you'd rather have a ruck than see a more peaceful society - hmm
No, peace would be nice, but as Roofrat says, we are the ones doing all the bowing and conceding whilst these scumbags allegedly sit in their corner shops planning to torture and cut the heads of our brethren in the military.
Forgive me if I am little jaded. I think it is time our troops, police, government and society as a whole stopped pandering to the muslims and started taking a hard line, their own people do nothing to stop the fundamentalists and in my book, silent acceptance is as good as support. Would we let the skinhead nazi types run around bombing the muslims ? Of course not.
Time for talk is over, i hope these skunks who perpetrate crimes in our country rot in jail or better yet piss off to another country that hasn't been as welcoming as ours. It makes me want to vomit that these people live under the security blanket that the UK provides and that we welcomed their forefathers to our shores only to have them throw it back in our faces.

Lingyai, Slim and RoofRat make some very good points. Unless we can educate their Community/Religious leaders to be tolerant and put aside "old Country" customs, we are just widdling in the wind. I think you acknowledge that asking the Iman's advice and following his interpretations of what is right is the Muslim way.

Looking at each of those "Themes":

1. is that to make them more persuasive and understandable to their Followers than they already are? Or is it so that they can interact better and communicate better with the rest of us? Or do I have it totally wrong and it's aimed at the non Muslim Leaders to interact better with the Muslim ones?

2. assuming that the Muslim already have a knowledge of Islam, is that aimed at making the likes of us more aware of the likes of them?

3. is that to help them to defuse grievances amongst their own or for us to better hear them and deal with them "sympathetically"?

4. is what? What the hell is an Islamic leader and how many must there be? From what I see, they don't have a hierarchical structure like Christian's do.

5. is there a cultural divide across the Media? Well, I suppose there must be from all the Asian specific Radio stations and news sheets we've encouraged to spring up. So what is that likely to achieve?

6. who's voices are we intending to "empower"? If they are Islamic voices, who exactly is that "empowerment" being granted to and on what authority?

7. an army of private investigators? Well meaning amateurs infiltrating fundamentalist or just generally pi**ed off hot beds? Isn't that what the Int wallahs are doing anyway? I'm sure they are really looking forward to lots of nice people sodding up their plans and dragging false scents across their trails.

I'm happy to be wrong but this does really look like another scheme to throw good money at "quick, we must be seen to be doing something".


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I believe that this country needs Imams who are home grown. Imams who have studied the Koran and are able to teach followers the religion in the correct manner. Many Imams originate from Arabic countries where women have no rights. We in the west are being told that Islam is a religion of peace. So why is there so much hatred by some of the followers of the Western world?
Particularly annoying is finding that some of the fundamentalists responsible for terrorist acts have been living on benefits. Biting the hand that feeds them springs to mind.
Finally many UK citizens are emigrating because they do not like the way British society is heading. Though not many go to church the UK is still a Christian country. I believe Muslims finding it unacceptable to live within the UKs laws should consider migrating to a country which is ruled by Muslims. This regardless of where they were born.
Muslims willing to work and live in our society are most welcome to do so.
Their double standards are depicted here....... Fatwah inbound.


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slim said:
Haven't seen many Imams condemning the actions so far!

I have, but interestingly only once! and yet I have seen the young misinformed idiot who is claiming the Police have no evidence about 30 times! I also saw an old fellah, almost in tears explaining that the current generation gap in attitude was splitting his family apart, he explained that he wondered where his children were all the time because he was worried that they would get involved in extremism. Yet again I only saw that once. If you (not necessarily aimed at you slim, just chose to quote your comment) seriously sit at home judging this whole community by what the news choose to transmit then you are both ignorant and foolish.

The issue of extremism is as big an issue within these communities as it is without, there is real fear amongst the Muslim populus. Whilst I am disgusted that these people could even plan such an event I am not stupid, their purpose is to disgust and the sensationalism created by the idiot 24 hour news channels plays to the extremist purpose, it is in the media's interest to sensationalise these events, how else do you transmit crap for 24 hours?.


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Chief Tiff
I am certain that should any Imam condemn the violence which is carried out in the name of Islam it would make headline news. Like you I feel sorry for the shopkeeper who has lived in the UK for 30 years or so obeying out laws, paying his taxes and to all accounts being a model citizen. Unfortunately this type of person is not newsworthy. However Islamic extremists are causing many problems around the world and so Muslims should not be suprised if as a group they attract more interest from the security services than little old ladies running wild on their electric scooters.
I have lived and worked in Brunei, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and other Muslim countries with no problems. I did of course obey their laws and while in Libya did not partake of alcoholic beverages.