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I am hoping to gain some more knowledge about Project Hermes 2015 and the subsequent training after to be deployable or volunteer for courses/opportunities?

So far as I understand it is a consolidated training package in order to become a RNR officer and is in a similar vein to that of the Army Reserve CC+ at Sandhurst.

My question is how long after completing this course can one apply for an FTRS or other type of deployment.

The specific one I am looking at is a long language course (+ return of service) at Shrivenham as soon as possible.

Having seen the DIN it says officers (I am taking it refers to Regular service personnel) need to have completed their 'first posting'. So is that about two years?
If this is the case what would be the possible timeline just to even look at an application form let alone send one off for Reservists? Is it even worth applying for if the timeline is a few years!

Thanks in advance.


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HERMES now seems to be focused on producing Midshipmen who will then work towards passing Fleetboard which you don't really want to rush. There is a further year of training to join the trained strength, at which point you are theoretically useful to be mobilised for something slightly more steely than the Olympics.

However at that point you'll only have attended a few specialisation training weekends and been in the service for around 18 months, realistically you don't have a huge amount to offer at that point. There are specialisations which have frequent mobilisation opportunities for relatively junior officers but you're looking at around 2 years worth of training to get there. The RNR officer route (standfast medics a few years ago) has never really been the way for those wanting a quick mobilisation.

Post fleetboard you're looking at a minimum of 3 years to reach Lt, which is when the vast majority of the generic FTRS jobs seem to start - though the experience difference between a baby Lt and an experienced one is vast.

As for long language courses I'd be highly surprised if a reservist could get on one without some serious justification - as for return of service we don't really have one. I'm no expert but I believe RNR linguists are those who come along with pre-existing language skills, not people we train up.

HERMES is an opportunity to jump start the process to becoming an RNR officer, which features an awful lot of work helping to run the organisation, especially in unit. If that doesn't float your boat then you need to have a long look at why you want to join.
Thanks for the reply.

I am torn between going Regular or Reserve, with the latter allowing me to keep my current employment. It seems that going Regular is the only certain way to be mobilised for sure without the wait.

As for the language course, I was looking at the volunteering for service with the DCSU. So there is a 'return of service' of three years including the language course itself. I was inquiring (I didnt make myself clear) about whether this opportunity could be applied for by reservist officer in the RNR and at what stage of their career? Freshly minted commission or with some years experience?

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