Project Fisher - Ship Manning

I've just noticed that the new study to look at manning ships has been called Project Fisher and has it's own website for those with access to NavyNet:]Project Fisher[/url]

For those of you who don't have NavyNet, tough ^~

However, according to the site, the background is ". . the Navy Board directed that a specific project (Project FISHER) be initiated to conduct a fundamental re-examination of the manner in which we man the Fleet and identify an innovative range of potential ‘flexible’ manning solutions for the future to be subsequently developed and refined through a vigorous programme of trials and experimentation, building on the momentum of such recent activities as SEA SWAP."

Well, there you go. Apparently Topmast has served it's purpose, and it's now time to look at something else. :w00t:

Oh, and you can submit questions and suggestions to the team.

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